IRONMAN! Research Shows that Hydration determines performance!


When we take all male data points and perform a regression analysis, we see with 95% confidence that for every 1% increase in the men’s hydration level, their mean time decreased by .2662 hours (16 minutes). With this information, we are able to predict with 95% confidence the male mean finish time based on hydration.

Likewise, when we take all female data points, we see with 95% confidence that for every 1% increase in hydration level, female’s mean time decreased by .2036 hours (12 minutes).

The Womens Predictions were similar (you can download the complete file with Graphs here)

It is clear that the Single most critical element in performance is Optimum Hydration! Results of this study show a linear relationship of Hydration to Result.


Over the three years of the Tanita Ironman Study, 4,426 male participants and 1,314 female participants were tested. See the details of the study and download the report at the end of this article.

The male hydration levels and the average corresponding finish times in hours.

The average hydration level of men who were able to finish the triathlon was 60%.

The average hydration level of women who finished the triathlon was 55.7%.

Of the 2,093 male participants who had a pre‐competition hydration level ≥60%, (93%) were able to finish the race and had an average finish time of 12.76 hours.

1,860/2,106 (88%) male participants with pre‐competition hydration level < 60% and ≥55% were able to finish the race with an average finish time of 13.82 hours.

153 / 227 (67%) male participants with a pre‐competition hydration level <55% were able to finish the race, and those had an average finish time of 14.58 hours.

Of the 747 female participants, who had a pre‐competition hydration level  ≥ 55%, 691 (93%) were able to finish the race with an average finish time of 13.41 hours.

The Female hydration levels and the average corresponding finish times in hours.

Female participants with a pre‐competition hydration levels of <55%/≥50%, 447 / 499 (90%)  were able to finish the race with an average finish time of    14.37 hours.

45/68 (66%) of the female participants with a pre‐competition hydration level <50% were able to finish the race, those who finished had an average time of 15.22 hours.


IV. Summary and Conclusion

It is clear that the Single most critical element in performance is Optimum Hydration! Results of this study show a linear relationship of Hydration to Result.

For years, coaches, trainers and athletes alike have recognized the importance of hydration “before, during and after” athletic competitions.

HYDRATION is essential in cooling the body through sweat and helps prevent the muscles from cramping. Without proper fluid intake, it can lead to lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting and even death.

This investigation has allowed us to take a closer look to see if there is a relationship between an individual’s hydration level and how well they are able to perform in an Ironman triathlon.

Figures 3.1 and 3.2 in the document represent a strong indication that a relationship exists between hydration percentages and finish time. Individuals with higher hydration levels, on average, had better finish times. Men with a hydration level ≥ 68%, on average, had a finish time of 11.96 hours. One can then easily see that as hydration levels decreased, mean time increased. At the bottom of our results, the men with a hydration level between 50 and 51% had an average finish time of 15.99 hours. That is more than a 4 hour difference between the most and least hydrated male participants.

Women with a hydration level ≥ 63%, on average, had a finish time
of 13.09 hours. Likewise, women with a hydration level between 45 and 46% had an average finish time of 16.45 hours. That represents nearly a 3.5 hour difference between the most and least hydrated female participants.

The Study reveals that certain thresholds of hydration levels may be extremely vital as to one’s ability to finish an Ironman race.

93% of male participants with a hydration level ≥ 60% were able to successfully finish the race. However, only 67% of men with a hydration level 55% were able to finish.

Similarly, 93% of female participants with a hydration level ≥ 55% finished the race. Only 66% of the female participants with a hydration level 50% were able to finish the race.

By performing a regression analysis, we were able to see that not only is there a relationship between hydration level and finish time, but that with every 1% increase in hydration, the mean time decreased by .2662 hours (16 minutes) for men and .2036 hours (12 minutes) for women. With this information, we are able to take things a step further and predict with 95% confidence, what the finish time will be based on hydration levels.


Background of the study.
Tanita Corporation, a world leader in precision electronic scales. For over 65 years scales have been the cornerstone of the global, family‐owned company based in Tokyo, Japan. With a focus on health and wellness, Tanita manufactures a wide variety of scales ranging from gram kitchen scales, to pediatric scales for infants, to bariatric scales weighing patients up to 1,000 pounds. Tanita is the scale of choice for the NCAA Wrestling Championships, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers as well as physicians and hospitals worldwide.

In 1992, Tanita developed the world’s first foot‐to‐foot body composition analyzer. Using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, Tanita’s body composition analyzers send a safe, low electrical signal (50 kHz, 500 Micro Amp) up one leg and down the other, carried by the water and fluids that are contained within the body to measure impedance. Muscle is normally approximately 50‐70% hydrated whereas fat is only 10‐15% hydrated. This impedance information is then used to calculate multiple readings including the amount of lean and fat tissue within the body, bone mass and hydration.
The process has been independently vetted as being highly consistent and repeatable alongside Dual Energy X‐ray Absorptiometry (DEXA), which is widely considered the gold‐standard in body composition. Tanita’s FDA cleared, “foot‐to‐foot” process, provides an easy to use, yet clinically accurate solution, and makes body composition assessments accessible in both the professional and medical environment as well as at home. Since its inception, Tanita has sold over 30 million body composition analyzers worldwide.

In 2004, Tanita identified a demand within the fitness industry and partnered with one of the most recognizable brands in all of fitness ‐ Ironman. Organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), and with over 30 years of history, Ironman is regarded as the most honored and prestigious triathlon in the world. An Ironman triathlon consists of a 2.4‐mile swim, 112‐mile bike and a 26.2‐mile run. What started as a challenge among friends in Hawaii in 1978 has grown to more than 180 events worldwide each year, covering six continents and with more than 100,000 athletes competing. Ironman has become the international standard of athletic excellence and symbolizes best‐in‐class authenticity, performance and success.

Since the Tanita and Ironman union, triathletes all over the world have utilized Tanita’s body composition analyzers to monitor their weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass as well as to help calculate their sweat loss during workouts. Even before Tanita and Ironman joined forces, Tanita had always addressed the importance of proper hydration to the general public.
Considering the grueling and unforgiving demand and stress put on the body during an Ironman competition, Tanita suspected that a triathlete’s hydration could be vital to their performance, and may even provide an indicator as to how well they will be able to compete in an Ironman triathlon. The question was raised, Is there a direct correlation between pre‐competition hydration and performance in an Ironman triathlon?

Method of Data Collection
During athlete registration at the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Ford Ironman Louisville, Tanita received permission from Ironman to obtain hydration readings of the participants. After the athletes had received their bib number, they were directed to one of six body composition assessment stations where a Tanita trained assessor was located. Six, fully calibrated, Tanita BF‐522W Body Fat/Body Water Analyzers were used during the assessment process. Once at the assessment station, the athletes were asked their bib number, age and height. A reference chart converting centimeters to feet and inches was positioned at each station to accommodate international competitors unfamiliar with their imperial measurement. The assessor input the athletes age, height and gender into the analyzer. After removing their shoes and socks, the athlete stood on the device barefoot to complete the analysis. The assessor then recorded both the athlete’s bib number and hydration level. Over the three years, assessments were taken on 5,740 competitors.
After the event, Ironman provided Tanita a detailed spreadsheet with the competitors’ information including their bib number and completion time. The bib number recorded by the assessor during registration was referenced and matched with the race result data and each hydration level was assigned to its appropriate athlete. The results for men and women were then separated and the athletes who did not finish the race were given a time of 18.0 hours.

Results and Interpretations Download this report    here.

The instant a triathlete takes the plunge into the water to begin their 140.6 mile journey; many questions weigh upon their mind. Will my wetsuit tear? What happens if I get a flat tire? Will it rain? Will it be windy? Can I do this? With so many factors out of their hands playing roles into how well they will do, it appears that through this paper, there may be at least one thing they can control that will help determine their day. What is my hydration?

Ref: Tanita Precision Scales   Article

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Fitness! Immediate Performance Improvement!

The “KEY” to PERSONALLY maximizing YOUR performance is missing from all OF THE Certified, Personal Trainer Protocols!

It isn’t about the methods of Exercise used, it’s about the Body’s ability to gain value without unnecessary pain.

The WATER you drink, Absolutely determines your performance!

Download a pdf file below:


Bottled Water, Tap Water, RO Water, So called Smart Water, Live Water etc are all ACIDIC Water! They are labeled “PURE” because of the removal of Impurities, however that leaves them measuring an Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) of +400 to +600 mV and a pH of 3 to 4!

These measurements relate to an Extremely Oxidizing liquid that should be called “Pure FREE Radical” water. It CAN’T HYDRATE, it can only extract electrons from your body and it certainly doesn’t satisfy any thirst.

A Simple explanation of GODS WATER is an explanation of the Earth’s Water Cycle. Beginning with evaporation of Oceans, lakes, rivers and surface water, Natural Water Vapor rises into the atmosphere until it hits the Dew Point temperature (Fog, Clouds etc) and collects into a Mist of vapor clouds that then move through the air, passing through the Magnetic Field of the Earth.

Are you with me? When Clouds become turbulent, an Ionic charge builds up in the pure water molecules and eventually, lightning discharges to earth or another cloud. Yes, Water stores ION Energy.

When Rain Water falls and at the same time the temperature is near freezing, it TURNS TO SNOW! Of course! you say.




These Hexagonal Rings of water are the size and shape that the Human Body has receptors/ portals for, passing them into the inner body and immediately ENABLING THE RED BLOOD CELLS for carrying Oxygen, Nutrition, Energy to the Cells and Waste from the Cells.

You can experience this personally by adding this Alkalized Ionized water to your own workout.

So, your workout with this water will provide more Energy, Endurance and  Performance without Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) which is another name for retained buildup of Lactic Acid in the Muscles causing Pain and Tightness as an effect in the days following your exercise.

If we apply the above information to the Protocol of Personal Trainers, we replace their explanation that

“Your exercise tears the muscle down, and it takes 2 days of rest for the muscle to build back stronger!”

However, our water enables your blood to carry the waste (Lactic Acid) out of the muscle and increases the Oxygen Delivery to the Muscles.

All of this will occur within 10 minutes of drinking your first glass of water!

See videos showing the Bright Field Microscopy of a person’s Blood and again 12 minutes after drinking 4 oz of the water.

To see more about the water in comparison to other waters you generally use, go to Water Comparisons

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Fitness and Hydration, the key to performance!

In the last post, we discussed the various properties of Water which are generally available to us today.  I also went into a scientific explanation of the terms used.

In the middle of the post I made the following comment;

Many have quit reading, back when I started talking like an Engineer. That’s too bad, because here is where we begin to  understand how the water does what it does for LIFE of any kind, but Humans in particular.

Life is in the BLOOD!  Your Blood should be around 92% water! BUT, the only water that can reach the blood in it’s proper form is the SINGLE RING OF 6 Molecules (seen in the structure of every snowflake) which matches the size of the portals in the body that pass the water into the Red Blood Cells.

Why the “Ring of Water?”  Because it serves as a platform in the cell that allows it to CARRY OXYGEN, NUTRITION, ENERGY to the Cells and REMOVE THE WASTE CARRYING IT TO THE KIDNEYS and out of the body and of course, the Carbon Dioxide back to the lungs.

I also showed you a 1 minute video showing the immediate effect on the Red Blood Cells (RBC) from which point we will start today in making application of this information to your Fitness or other Exercise protocol.  Lets review that video one more time.


I have taught this to several Certified Personal Trainers and had them prove it to themselves and their clients easily and effectively.

Let’s start with the common explanation of the standard Exercise Protocol.

  • First you are introduced to a particular series of exercises that you will be repeating and increasing in the future.
  • After a mild workout, you are scheduled to come back in about 3 days because your newly stressed muscles need several days to rebuild ( they will be sore) and theoretically, they explain that the muscles have to be “Torn Down” and need 2 days to REBUILD !
  • The Certified Trainers have been taught about the various Muscle groups, ways to activate and exercise them and how to use various pieces of equipment to accomplish the desired results.
  • They have been educated in Protein and Whey products to  help “Build” Muscle.

SO! What is the MISSING LINK?

Natural, energized, Hexagonal restructured water! 

“wait a minute, I drink lots of water”, you say. 

Well, is “your water” part of the problem? or the solution?

Does your water let you do extreme activity EVERY DAY without Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness? DOMS!  Because DOM’s is what you normally experience and you need “Recovery time.”

Drink a quart of our Natural but Restructured water before exercising and Expect to be able to do more, with less “Stored Lactic Acid” in your muscles.

  • More effective workouts!
  • Daily workouts with faster results
  • No Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. (of course there will be some soreness from muscle use, but no deep pain and stiffness)
  • Training for a competition? Do Double and Triple Workouts Daily! Just stay hydrated! Drink at 1 oz per pound weight daily of our water .

So, what else should I discover?

  • More Energy
  • More endurance
  • More stamina
  • less cramping of muscles
  • No “Hitting a wall”  (think marathon or biking)

Oh! Don’t be surprised if you lose between 10 or 20 lbs initially in the first several weeks.  This water cleanses the digestive tract of your body and eliminates the long term build up of “Pounds of stuff” in your Colon!

See the impact on YOUR Colon and its restoration within days, certainly within the 90 days shown below.

OH! By the way, your Stomach issues will likely have disappeared. Things like Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acid Reflux and other digestive disorders may have disappeared because your stomach will have been restored to an Alkaline State along with the entire Intestinal Tract and Colon.

What else might I experience?

  • Better Sleep and rest?
  • More mental clarity?
  • Less or No headaches?
  • Better absorption of my supplements?
  • The loss of the need for Medications for High Blood Pressure?

Well, I think you can see the picture.



Take a 30 day challenge at your Gym or Fitness Center. Ask your Personal Trainer to review this and ask me if I can supply our water for your discovery (Colorado Springs for sure, other places possibly)

Text “Your Name, 30 day challenge, zip code, Blog” to 720-262-9631 and let me see where you can get this experience.

Currently in Colorado Springs,  Capri Fitness Center on Academy has the water. Ask for more info and I will pass it on.

For now, Blessings on your health and lifestyle from


Keith Flint 720-281-3965  Personal cell

Next post. What athletes use Alkalized Water?  Really, a body builder who won World Competition twice, came out of 4 years of retirement and in 3 weeks won first in two areas in the Canadian Nationals. He prepared by doing TRIPLE,  EXTREME, workouts daily with the water! Then he  went on to win 3rd in the World in Greece, 3 months later.  Boy, doesn’t that upset the apple cart. I thought it took a year of serious training to expect to win in body building!!

But that is next weeks, unless I get requests for more, sooner/



Fitness and Hydration, the role your Water plays!

Today so many people are flocking to the local Gym, Exercise class, Dance class, outdoor activities and more.  Their reasons vary, but it seems that their HEALTH is their primary concern.

Given that fact, the ONE THING that they are not aware of is just how the water they drink effects their results.

You say, “Isn’t all water pretty much the same?” and you will be surprised how much the waters available to you vary. See the differences in this video

Alkalized water vs Common bottled water, Demonstration

From ACID and FREE RADICAL INTENSIVE (Commercial bottled water) to Home filtered Reverse Osmosis (Dead) water, and Brita filtered or other filtered TAP water (mildly acidic) to Natures Standard (Rain Water)

When will you realize WHY your Blood is so important?

In a previous Post I showed your body with the skin/muscle/skeleton removed! Yes the 57,000 miles of Blood vessels, arteries, veins and Capillaries that service every cell of  your body.

Your body is maintained by Blood flow and service. However, today because of the foods and drinks of our culture, you blood is “Sludge!”



Watch this brief video. See how your blood changes in just a few minutes!

It becomes obvious that we should be most concerned with the condition of our Blood!  so What can we do to make a difference?

First, What does Blood require? OH! It’s 92% Water.  But, you say, “I Drink lots of water”  NO! you drink lots of liquid, often labeled as water.

See how water is purified in Nature, excluding all impurities.

Let me explain. The Origin of water starts with Evaporation from Oceans, lakes, and rivers. See the Video above if  your didn’t watch it!

Evaporated water rises into the atmosphere until it forms “Vapor” which at the right temperature forms Clouds. Clouds move through Earth’s Magnetic Field, charging the Water Molecules with Ion energy.

Lightning is an example of the power of water energy storage.  Turbulent Clouds rapidly charge the water molecules until collectively, they must discharge to the earth or a lesser charged cloud.

This PURE, ENERGIZED RAIN WATER at the right temperature (Freezing) explodes into a CRYSTAL form.  We call it a Snowflake!

Even though each Snowflake is unique, it is formed from the building blocks (like Lego’s) of a Hexagonal Ring of water.

Six molecules that connect Hydrogen to Oxygen to Hydrogen to Oxygen until it forms a complete ring is the ORIGINAL PURE ENERGIZED STRUCTURE OF WATER THAT  YOUR BODY NEEDS. If you didn’t watch the video above you missed the explanation about this structure.

Your Body uses the Hydrogen for Healing.  The only direct source of Hydrogen on earth is Water!  Plant life also produces Alkaline products with the Sun’s Rays interacting with the Water to make Edible Vegetation, Berries, Fruit, Flowers and roots which are rich in Hydrogen.

The scientific term for identifying the Absence or Presence of Hydrogen is pH (Potential of Hydrogen) where Potential is measured in Volts and the Absence is a Positive voltage (+) and Excess Hydrogen is Minus Voltage (-)

This is important to understand, 0 to 7 pH is absence of completeness, lacking hydrogen. The value of 7 to 14 pH represents the strength or the intensity of excess Hydrogen available.

The typical Bottled waters are around 3.5 to 4 pH, with up to 5,000 times lacking of Hydrogen completeness compared to 7.0 pH neutral water.  NOTE: Bottled water is destructive to your body, while you believe you are drinking Healthy water. No one said that that “PURE” meant “HEALTHY!

Commercial Bottling Companies produce their water using extreme filtering processes.  They then claim that it is “Pure” because they have removed as much of the contaminates in the water as they can.  This removes Hydrogen often, leaving the water acidic. Extracting the impurities often dislodges the Hydrogen it was attached with.

This process of “Purifying” leaves an INCOMPLETE Molecule, an OH- as a Free Radical and it can no longer sustain its part of the Hexagonal structure.

This large cluster of molecules cannot access the Channels or Portals in the body to reach the Blood and inner body fluids. Instead it passes to the stomach and on to the Bladder, not having serviced the Cells of the body,

Most of you have quit reading way back when I started talking like an Engineer. That’s too bad, because here is where we begin to  understand how the water does what it does for LIFE of any kind, but Human in particular.

Life is in the BLOOD!  Your Blood should be around 92% water! BUT, the only water that can reach the blood in it’s proper form is the SINGLE RING OF 6 Molecules (think snowflake crystal) which match the size of the portals in the body that let the water reach the Red Blood Cells.

Why the “Ring of Water?”  Because it serves as a platform in the cell that allows it to CARRY OXYGEN, NUTRITION, ENERGY to the Cells and REMOVE THE WASTE CARRYING IT TO THE KIDNEYS and out of the body and of course, the Carbon Dioxide back to the lungs.

“ASTHMA”  is an example of the result of Dehydrated Blood Cells, where the blood cannot deliver adequate Oxygen from the lungs nor carry the Carbon Dioxide out of the body. The Symptom is like self suffocation!  The first level of solution is HYDRATION.

How do we know this? Well, The primary Medical solution is to give one an “ANTI-HISTAMINE”  which opens the Lung sac’s and allow oxygen flow.  This seems like a right solution doesn’t it?  However, the Body produced the original HISTAMINE to close the lungs down BECAUSE THE BODY WAS DANGEROUSLY DEFICIENT OF HYDRATION AND IT NEEDED TO STOP, REST, HYDRATE TO STAY ALIVE!   Ignoring the signals of the body and want to keep going, we override the self regulation with an antihistamine further weakening the body.

Misuse of the Antihistamine Prescription is the usual cause of Asthma Deaths.  Instead of helping an Asthmatic recover by Hydrating the body, a Doctor gives the person a way to override the symptom. when this is abused a person uses it more and more. When they have a severe attack and do not have a Nebulizer, they suffocate!  In My Opinion, the Doctor should be charged with the Death.

Our Modern World simply misunderstands the importance of the qualities of water our Bodies need!  We can purchase dozen’s of types of Waters, Drinks, Liquids, juices, Soda, power, caffeine and Gatorade type liquids instead of HEALTHY WATERThe average Grocery Store has over 1,000 linear feet of shelf space dedicated to the above assortment of liquids that are ALL Harmful if used instead of a proper water.

Proper Water! Water that has been re-structured back to the original condition of Rain Water or as seen in a Snowflake.  How do we do that?  A modern Kitchen appliance exists that uses Electrolysis to separate out the contaminates, chemicals, Pharmaceuticals from the water, while Extracting a lot of the Hydrogen from the waste water and recombining it with the drinking water. Medical Science and Research use the term ERW, Electrically Reduced Water. It is also what we would call Alkalized, Ionized, Restructured Water.

In it’s immediate form the water produced by Electrolysis is RICH in FREE HYDROGEN which science recognizes as having amazing Antioxidant power.

The Measurement of this quality is  Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) which is the Excess or Absence of Free Hydrogen.  Also, in the process, many damaged water molecules are healed by the recombining of Hydrogen to damaged water molecules.  When enough restored water molecules are present they naturally recombine into the exact form seen in Nature, a 6 molecule ring. This is the form your body requires to activate the Red Blood Cells.

Incidentally, there is misinformation going around the internet that this water is only good for a few days!  Why? Because “Self proclaimed Experts” who made the claim years ago did not understand the process that occurs.

The INITIAL CLOUD OF FREE HYDROGEN in the water is a strong Antioxidant source in the water. However, those FREE Hydrogen molecules seek out a damaged water molecule and attach restoring balance and satisfying the need of a FREE RADICAL TO BE RESTORED WITH A HYDROGEN MOLECULE! This also restores the water molecule.

The claim that the water was no longer good after about 72 hours was because the water no longer showed a strong negative ORP value. That is because the Free Hydrogen had bonded with the water molecules and no longer produced a negative ORP reading.  In reality, after 72 hours the resultant water is highly Bio-available to the Blood Stream and the Red Blood Cells, directly through the Portals of the Esophagus and Stomach.

If you made it this far, you deserve a medal! I don’t know any other way to explain and distinguish the difference between MAN’S Water and GOD’S WATER!

By the way, Who Designed the Body?  According to Scriptures, GOD did. Do you think that modern science can improve on GOD’S Design?  Good Luck if you do. We need to work on getting back to good food and drinks. Our messing with GMO modification of our food is a serious problem, but that’s for another time and another post.

Keith Flint   GodsWaterBoy  providing God’s Water Freely to those who we can reach.

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