We Pay Customers for Sharing? Really?

What is the difference between a typical MLM business plan and our  company‘s Patented Compensation/business plan.  Not wanting to waste your time, I  have two brief videos that will give you many  reasons to consider this company.

First will be “How we compare to other Plans” Please enjoy a little humor also. LOL

Having viewed the above video you probably want to know just how We accomplishes this result.  So I add a video that explains the Compensation Plan.And it is simple to understand.

To start with, let me say “We have NO Salesmen!“…..REALLY?

ONLY a Customer has the ability to share our Alkalized water with a person in order to personally discover how it impacts their Health and Life.  So, each customer receives an ID number when they purchase their Water Ionizer. This ID#  is used for Referring other customers to our Company  who is a Direct Selling Manufacturer.

They are in the TOP 50 Direct selling Manufacturers, globally. And their Patented Commission plan rewards it’s customers!

When you become a customer, you become a Potential Business. No pressure, no Hassle, No Bother.  But if you have someone decide that they want a machine, after you have let them experience the water, you have the right to refer them and receive a commission. BTW, about 10 referrals is enough to pay your machine off.  Take a look.

It’s a fact! About 10 referrals will recover the full cost of your Machine!  Can you believe that?  A Lifetime supply of Healthy Drinking water that only required making a decision to purchase and then share the Water with others! and receive potential income for years to come.

Watch this video, it’s worth the effort.

At the end of the video (created about 12 years ago) and before Patenting the plan, the Global Bonus was changed to a more equitable Monthly and Quarterly Bonus plan that added several more layers of Bonus that can be accomplished over time.  The original plan rewarded people for a one time success and they could retire without helping the company grow.  When they came to the USA, they modified their plan to make this a lifetime income source, BUT required people to be minimally active to receive.

Actually, A person who quits doing referrals may become inactive for years and suddenly realize the value of their accomplishment, and with the first sale, they are fully restored!  Obviously, this only applies to those who are serious Entrepreneurs.  And the rewards for long term growth increase dramatically.

Perhaps, you now understand why I don’t push buying a machine.  I don’t have to!

All I have to do is help people gain a personal experience with the water for a short period of time and let the water do the rest. People who have discovered a Truth for themselves have a testimony to share and they do.  Have you noticed that when  you buy something, you don’t go around telling people?  But if you discover something important and real, don’t you find yourself telling people? Not Promoting people, just sharing the possibility of what the water might do for them.

There is a reason that I say “I don’t SELL!…I help people BUY!” It’s all about Educating people with the information that they need and their personal experience with the water.  When they recognize the importance of this water to their Health & Family, and that it is something that they need daily, for the rest of their life, “they” make the decision to purchase.

If you have interest in knowing more, then I have several special websites for giving you the background about Water Problems and potential solutions.

There is a video series here HealthSuccessCenter.net/keithf 

Finally, you can access most of my websites from GodsWaterBoy.com 

So if you have any interest in Experiencing the water or more on the  Business, Text your “Name, Try Water, Blog” or “Name , Business, Blog” to 720-262-9631

I welcome you to join the 41 other successful people (6A and above) who have built long term, solid business’s as a result of My Sharing water from my kitchen!  REALLY!!!

OH! If you didn’t watch the videos, none of the above would make sense to you.  WATCH THE VIDEOS!  Thank you.

Keith Flint GodsWaterBoy

720-281-3965 text first please. too many spam calls!

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