A Product that Every Human on Earth needs daily!

When you think about what a Body needs, Daily, three things come to mind.  Air, Water and Nutrition!  And yet, the world is full of attempts to sell  you every thing except the best of the above.

What would it mean to you to discover that you could have a Machine in your kitchen that restores your local water to the quality of a Snowflake? Pure, Energized, Natural and Healing!

AND that the water you produced could be shared with your family and friends with amazing results coming back to you. Acid Reflux gone; Gout gone; Irritable Bowel Syndrome gone; Arthritis gone; Energy restored; Sleep improved; Mental clarity renewed? and the list could go on and on.

A pipe dream?  NO!  A fact!

Really, Water can do that? Well, what is your body supposed to be 75% of?  …..Water!  BUT, Isn’t all water pretty much the same?  Not in this world.

check out this independent brief web video Alkalized Water Demo.

Now, what if the Company that produces this machine was a privately held, business that wanted you to share the water your machine produced. Don’t you think that they would want to reward YOU the customer, for referring those like  yourself who wanted a unit in their kitchen for the rest of their life?

Supposing that this water was so effective that if you shared it, people began to discover the results in their own body, proven by medical tests showing restoration of cholesterol levels, lowered blood pressure, increased Oxygen delivery, improved Liver enzymes, etc  Don’t you think that they would be asking you “How can I get a machine like  yours?”

Well 10 years ago, I started sharing water freely, no gimmicks, no pressure, no underlying sales efforts, with my friends, FROM MY KITCHEN!  They began to come weekly to refill their bottles, sometimes from over 90 miles away!  and yes, they began to ask “How do I get a machine like yours?”

That was 10 years ago, today I have a plastic bin with over 5,000 referral check stubs in it.  I have people with every kind of testimony of how the water helped their body restore itself and the disease symptoms that it shed.

By the way, yes the machine cost nearly $4000 back then. But it paid for itself in just 3 months and has been a steady income ever since.

You say, ” You must spend a lot of time and travel to make that kind of money!”  LOL, I spent about 18 months sharing from my kitchen, doing a few small meetings in friends homes answering questions and a couple of citywide Hotel meetings to educate others.  But after 18 months, retirement circumstances put me in a new community many miles from my 28 years of relationship building in Oregon. My living in a 2nd story condominium, with limited parking made giving water away nearly impossible.  And I desperately needed a Retirement break to spend time with my grandchildren. YET! the checks just kept coming in!

I’m not here to tell you that every person who shares the water will have the same result that I had, but there have been over 32 who have exceeded a 6 figure income over the past years that got started because I shared water from my home.

Doesn’t it make sense to take a little time to discover about a water that can change your Life, not only in it’s Health, but in your Wealth also?

Please check out 9 videos about the water and the worlds problem with whats available to you at this time. www.HSCWater.net/keithf

Or perhaps www.ChangeToWater.com/PurifyingH2O

OR if you have questions, please text me that you would like a call. Keith Flint (GodsWaterBoy) 720-281-3965

Have a truly Blessed Life! Drink enough good water to  make a difference.


To those dealing with Cancer, “What is it that Doctors are treating? Really?”

SOME TRUTH’S ABOUT CANCER! Is there a Natural Solution?

(an excerpt from an article written by Keith Flint titled “Healing Benefits of Re-Structured Alkalized Water”)

Disclaimer: The following article does not make any claims as to a specific cure for disease, rather it identifies the components of the Human body that function to keep the body healthy and to self heal. Any Curing of disease must be a normal function of the body, operating within its intended design, that brings about restoration of Natural balance of its organs and functions.

There are so many opinions as to what cancer is, where it comes from and how to overcome it, that I believe it is time to look for some truth in the facts.

The Experts who attempt to explain Cancer, basically “Connect the dots” of many known characteristics of cancer, and then fabricate a story to explain it. Each has their own opinion to explain their “modality” to treat Cancer. This is a little like an archeologist finding some bones and then imagining his own representation of what the Ancient beast looked like. He then feeds on his own imagination and creates a complete scenario explaining the life history and living conditions of the beast.

1. Free Radical Damage is the catalyst that starts cancer.
2. Cancer cells are normal cells that have had damage to their DNA. (Free Radical damage)
3. Cancer cannot thrive in an Alkaline body. (Dr. Otto Warburg- Nobel prize for discovering Calcium (alkaline mineral) cures cancer circa 1935
4. Other so called experts add things, like it is the function of the “Immune System” to overcome cancer. Interestingly, if one understands what is implied by “The Immune System” then I believe that this statement is correct. Since the Immune System is a PROCESS of the various parts of the body, IT CAN BE FIXED! Unfortunately, no one actually attempts to go beyond the vague statement, explaining HOW it functions.
5. Here are a few excerpts from various people…..

You will find the above article available for download as a PDF file (without registering) at my www.Purifyingh2o.com website.

it is identified at the bottom of the page where it is listed as “Some Truths about Cancer”  clicking on it will automatically download it to your computer.

I would appreciate feedback from those who read it.  I am willing to talk with people individually who have questions. Contact me by my text phone with your name and request. I will attempt to answer your questions. Text to 1-720-281-3965 Keith Flint

Watch a 1 minute video to see the effect this “RESTORED” water has on the condition of the Blood in just 12 minutes!

The most important thing you can do to restore your health is to be successful in Re-Hydrating your body, cell by cell.  check the sidebar for links to previous articles. In particular Dr. Corrine Allen’s presentation of “Your Brain on Water” which relates all Brain Disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to Dehydration!

See her presentation by clicking here

or you can go to my previous article:  http://godswaterblog.com/your-brain-on-water-understand-why-we-have-brain-disorders

You will never know the True Health your body has the capacity for, until you discover the water God intended you to provide to it.  Our water system produces the closest thing possible, to His water in Nature. DISCOVER FOR  YOURSELF, RENEWED HEALTH!

This is all about YOU! Change your Water, Change your Life!

Remember, Alkaline Water (chemical solutions) are not the same as Alkalized Water (ReStructured, energized, Hydrogen rich Water)

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Blessings on you, Keith Flint

Further information c0urtesy of Dr Glidden’s Blog about the farce of prescribing Chemotherapy.