Listen to a Nurse’s Radio Interview on “How she overcame Cancer, without Chemo!”

To start with, a little about my knowledge about this subject.

It’s a little known fact that I did a brief stint in Cancer Therapy research participation in Mexico at the Contreras Cancer Clinic back in 1979.

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LIsten to this Nurse’s audio testimony of her method of dealing with significant Breast cancer instead of traditional Medical methods. Her experience parallels what we presented to clients at that time, resulting in significant success. Also, our clients were almost exclusively those who were told “There’s nothing more we can do for you” go home and make your arrangements, you have x months to live! (a death sentence!)

I have written an article, available for download at my website labeled “Some Truths about Cancer” where Many of my statements parallel this Nurse’s experience.

A foot note: Alternative Doctors have posted on the internet that Chemotherapy has a 97% failure rate, but is one of the only drugs that a Doctor can purchase wholesale and mark up 3 or 4 times to his direct profit and is promoted as an acceptable “treatment” by the AMA.

Snopes does a carefully worded effort to debunk this, but in my opinion fail to cover the truth.  Reporting bias can use words that suggest that the data was old, new information is available, and other methods to attempt to cover up truth. However, Vincent DeVita, one of the pioneers of chemotherapy is quoted at the end of a long article on Snopes (where they hope that you don’t bother to read the wh0le thing.)

To Quote : “I realize that chemotherapy is imperfect and doesn’t work well for a lot of cancers. Many of the drugs cause bad side effects, and, as I’ve explained before, in the adjuvant setting you have to treat a lot of patients to benefit relatively few. I also realize that chemotherapy is sometimes oversold.”  He concludes with hopefullness that “Molecular profiling is paving the way for precision medicine, in which someday (or so we hope) we will be able to target treatments to the specific abnormalities in a specific patient’s tumor.”

I’ll be writing more on this subject as I have further knowledge of lifestyle changes that are effective in Health restoration.

Please read my article “Some Truths about Cancer” and think for yourselves.  I hope this reaches those who need it.

Blessings on you all.

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Follow up to the Breast Cancer post.

I was  honored to post the article about “Estrogen, A Silent Killer” and the link to Shan Stratton’s Blog and Company pages.

Shan is a longtime personal friend and accomplished Nutritionist of International acclaim.

I am pleased that Shan is one of my personal friends.  He speaks at many meetings around the world about the value of proper hydration and Nutrition.

Now, About Cancer, I wrote an article years ago that is a clear expose’ of “Some Truths about Cancer” (clicking on the link will download the pdf file. Healing Benefits of Re-structured water & your blood )

I ask that you thoughtfully consider what I have referenced as it has been shown to be accurate as to the value the right “Alkalized Water” brings to your body in restoring Health and Recovery from Symptomatic illness.

Watch 5 minutes 0f Two Videos from Medical Doctors that show the direct impact on the Restoration of Red Blood Cell Function.

and Digestive tract (Colon video

It is my desire to help you regain your health, God’s way.  Restore your Blood Function and Restore your Digestive Tract.

Because the modern Food Industry has chosen to provide packaged food, it must have long shelf life without causing food poisoning! hence, they kill all enzymes from the food, sterilizing it.  Now the only way to process food in the stomach is by “ACID”.

Fruits in particularly are picked weeks before they complete their ripening on the tree, with maximum digestive Enzymes present.  Without the Enzymes, artificial ripening makes them look ripe, but they don’t rot quickly which is an indication of just how little enzymes are present.

The following conditions are common to a misunderstanding of how we digest our food.  only recent Medical claims suggest that we Digest our Food with Acid !  God designed our bodies to digest with Enzymes! After about 45 minutes of digestion, a little Acid would be put into the stomach to break up the residue.  The Intestines would be Alkaline, allowing for significant Flora (Good Bacteria) to continue the digestive process.

Acid Reflux; Irritable Bowel syndrome; Stomach and intestinal Gas; Khrones Disease; Constipation; etc are all conditions that reflect the lack of Enzymes AND insufficient Alkalized Water intake.

Alkalized Water?  Yes! Your body was designed to be 75% water. Your Brain should be 85% water, your Blood 92% water, your muscles 80% water.  BUT, Do you actually drink sufficient water to restore your body’s requirements to function properly?  Do you run your car on a few teaspoons of oil, or a quart of Gas?  Then why would you expect your body to function properly when you ignore the most important component of your enduring Health?

If you haven’t already watched the Video “Your Brain on Water” that I posted a few months ago, your really should. Click on the link above and watch Dr Corrine Allen tell you about what your brain requires.

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