Listen to a Nurse’s Radio Interview on “How she overcame Cancer, without Chemo!”

To start with, a little about my knowledge about this subject.

It’s a little known fact that I did a brief stint in Cancer Therapy research participation in Mexico at the Contreras Cancer Clinic back in 1979.

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LIsten to this Nurse’s audio testimony of her method of dealing with significant Breast cancer instead of traditional Medical methods. Her experience parallels what we presented to clients at that time, resulting in significant success. Also, our clients were almost exclusively those who were told “There’s nothing more we can do for you” go home and make your arrangements, you have x months to live! (a death sentence!)

I have written an article, available for download at my website labeled “Some Truths about Cancer” where Many of my statements parallel this Nurse’s experience.

A foot note: Alternative Doctors have posted on the internet that Chemotherapy has a 97% failure rate, but is one of the only drugs that a Doctor can purchase wholesale and mark up 3 or 4 times to his direct profit and is promoted as an acceptable “treatment” by the AMA.

Snopes does a carefully worded effort to debunk this, but in my opinion fail to cover the truth.  Reporting bias can use words that suggest that the data was old, new information is available, and other methods to attempt to cover up truth. However, Vincent DeVita, one of the pioneers of chemotherapy is quoted at the end of a long article on Snopes (where they hope that you don’t bother to read the wh0le thing.)

To Quote : “I realize that chemotherapy is imperfect and doesn’t work well for a lot of cancers. Many of the drugs cause bad side effects, and, as I’ve explained before, in the adjuvant setting you have to treat a lot of patients to benefit relatively few. I also realize that chemotherapy is sometimes oversold.”  He concludes with hopefullness that “Molecular profiling is paving the way for precision medicine, in which someday (or so we hope) we will be able to target treatments to the specific abnormalities in a specific patient’s tumor.”

I’ll be writing more on this subject as I have further knowledge of lifestyle changes that are effective in Health restoration.

Please read my article “Some Truths about Cancer” and think for yourselves.  I hope this reaches those who need it.

Blessings on you all.

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