Why do we have “Acid Reflux?”

It seems that the Modern Medical World thinks that the only way we digest food is with Acid in our stomach.  However, before we became in this condition, most of the present diseases DID NOT EXIST!

Why?  well lets start with how digestion is supposed to happen.  Proper Digestion is by natural Enzymes plus Saliva Enzymes for typically 45 minutes followed by a few squirts of Acid to remove non-digestable food particles.


  • Packaged foods in the Marketplace have had the enzymes removed for extended shelf life.
  • Fruit is picked weeks before it has completed the development and ripening process and then made to appear ripe. (Notice that Fruits last for days/weeks on the counter without rotting?)

Medical schools have worked on hundreds of thousands of Cadavers (dead bodies) and the stomach is always Acidic.  Therefore, the conclusion that we digest with acid. Ignorance is bliss!

Where do we get Enzymes today?

I personally use “DigestaMeal” from CoreHealthProducts

We produce a certain amount of Enzymes in our Saliva and expect natural enzymes in our foods for proper digestion. Vegetables and Fruits are more likely to have enzymes, particularly the closer they are to ripe when harvested. Local, Organic produce is more likely to meet your needs than Market Produce products from Mexico or South America, etc.

What are the Symptoms of an Acidic Stomach?

  • Acid Reflux
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Gas
  • Indigestion
  • GERD
  • Crohn”s disease
  • Colitis
  • Constipation


Restoring the Stomach to an alkaline condition, neutralizes the acid. However, using Pepto-bismol, Tums, Purple pill and other aids AFTER getting a problem is not the solution.  Your Acid Reflux is not a symptom of Tums or Purple Pill deficiency!

Dr Shinya, Developer of the Colonoscopy Process, recommends 3 quarts of Alkalized Water daily and elimination of Dairy Products, Red Meats (<10% of diet), Processed White Flour products and addition of Sea Food (Fish) and Healthy Grains.  He suggests 1 qt of Alkalized water at each meal.

See brief video of Diseased Colon’s (Before) and (90 days After drinking 3 qts of Kangen water and change of diet)

Not all water is equal however, and Kangen Water is actually Restructured back to Nature by an Alkalizing process. Even drinking a glass of 9.5 pH Kangen water when you have Acid Reflux can neutralize your stomach better and more naturally than using chemicals such as “Tums” or the “Purple Pill”

The Enagic Kangen Water Ionizer systems have received Japan’s Certification of “Medical Device” (License no. 27B2X00070)

Learn ALL of the ways this Water can be used in your home!


if you have any questions or would like to ask questions, please feel free to text me at 1-720-281-3965 Keith Flint GodsWaterBoy

What diseases are likely to minimize when drinking Kangen Water?

Great Question! Recently I have been asked “can the water have a positive impact on …..?  The list goes on; diabetes, arthritis, digestive tract disorders, headaches, High Blood Pressure, MS, Lupus, Cancer, etc.

To answer this question, I believe we need to establish some information that I propose are Facts.

First off, I will make the statement that what the Medical World calls “disease” is actually a “Condition” of your body. Conditions can be reversed!

Let us use an example like “High Blood Pressure” which is a result of both Blockage and dehydrated blood cells stuck together like sludge. Instead of focusing on removing the blockage, the Doctor prescribes medications that slow the heart down.  This drops the blood pressure, but does not solve the problem.  Now that the pressure is down (slower heart beat) the volume of Blood is insufficient and so now he prescribes a “Blood Thinner” to get more blood flow at the slower heart rate.

He thins the blood in order to get past the area of blockage or to compensate for the “Sludgy” characteristic of the blood and you are now on a maintenance program for life. There’s no intent to actually remove the cause of the problem.

Kangen Water, restructured back to that of a Snowflake which is a visible model of the natural design of water. It’s a ring of 6 water molecules in a Hexagonal Ring that is the proper size for the body to pass directly to the blood and enables the Red Blood Cells to function as they should.

Watch a one minute video that shows the effect of Kangen Water on the Red Blood Cells.

When the Blood can function in the Body as was intended, it services EVERY ORGAN and CELL in the Body. Both supplying Hydration, Energy, Oxygen, nutrition and Hemoglobin AND removes the waste byproducts (ACID) from the cells to the Kidneys for removal.

In the beginning, as a Baby your body was 75% water! As a grown person you lose 1/2 oz of water per pound weight daily, through normal body processes. BUT, Do you really drink Water?  Are you adequately restoring the kind of water the body needs?

Lets see what happens in the Gut when you are not drinking adequate amounts of the right water on a daily basis. Especially when eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) and insufficient water intake.

Dr. Shinya is the developer of the colonoscopy process in the 70’s. Here is a short video showing the impact of Drinking Kangen Alkalized Water.\

Dr Shinya Chief Gastroenterologist Beth Israel Med Center NY.

The Core of your body is your Digestive Process and the Blood System  and your lungs. When these are functioning properly everything else works as it should.  Neglect any of them and your body pays the price.

You take your Body to the Doctor, but generally he doesn’t ask you about your home, your water or anything beyond your body. You can have Asthma because of pollution in the air of the home or Mold, but that’s another story for later. (text me if you would like information on this issue) of course you also likely have a lack of sufficient Water Hydration,!

Your body’s Health is directly related to your intake of water, food and Air. It’s not rocket science.  But the choices you make can have disastrous results and you wouldn’t necessarily recognize the cause and Effect.

watch a rather interesting video that compares Restructured Alkalized water to Bottled water, Tap water, Soda’s, Premium waters, etc.  See the reality that Bottled water should be labeled “Free Radical liquid” but is  sold as “Pure water”. See video, which opens in separate tab. You can return to this post after viewing by clicking on the current tab above.  www.KangenDemo.com

Since YOUR Blood “Services” every cell and organ of the body, it makes sense that the quality of the Blood would play a key role.  The quality of water determines the performance of the Blood, just like the quality of Gas determines the performance of your car. Try running it on kerosene!

When the Blood is able to do its job, the other functions begin to restore themselves. MS, Fibromalygia, Chronic Fatigue, Aches and Pain are common results of insufficient Hydration and removal of waste from the cells.

I have a 9 video special website that will walk you through many of the questions that you might have. Since it is by invite only, please click on this link and then request your password.

I will be writing on some of the specific conditions listed at the beginning of this post in the days ahead. let me know if you have a specific interest,

If you would like to have a “Text Message” letting  you know when I post new postings, please Text your Name to 720-281-3965 with the text “please add me to your blog notification by text.” or email keith@GodsWaterBoy.com with the same request for an email.

Thank you for visiting my Blog and please share it with your friends.

Keith Flint


Wow, time fly’s when you are having fun!

Good Grief! It’s June already! Where has the time gone?

Doesn’t that sound like  your life too?  Where has time flown to? Why haven’t I accomplished the things I planned to do?

For the Flint Family, Elizabeth and I have relocated to a little Ranch East of Pikes Peak, (Colorado Springs) this past month.

Moving was a 5 day venture, followed with discovering all the things on a ranch that “Don’t work!”  The 7KW generator ( had to rebuild the carburetor), The John Deere mower, (Mice had eaten the wiring), The Irrigation system for the trees, (who knows how the lines got so disturbed), the Cistern that wasn’t refilling for irrigation. (time to remove the plugged line to the fill switch. ) and did I mention that the Garage door opener didn’t work? a quick trip to Overhead Door and a purchase of a new circuit board and that problem was solved.

Then we added 6 Guinea Chicks to our poultry brood.  They will gang up on Rattle Snakes and kill them !  That’s worth feeding them. Now we have 2 cats, 3 dogs, 9 Chickens, 6 Guineas and not a pear tree in sight !

We also traveled 2000 miles over a 3 day Memorial day weekend to get a Colorado Mountain Dog (3/4 Pyrenees and Shepherd Mix puppy)

Mowed several acres around the home, and oh Yeah! just had to buy a “Pick up Truck”, (2000 Chev Silverado) 4×4.

Then we had to get internet restored as well as a land line! No reliable cell service.  Was able to set cell phones to Wireless Calling when in range of the WIFI.

So, I missed a few weeks on the KTFA Monday night Forum. I probably couldn’t remember what day it was.

BUT, the good news is that at 78 years of age, 14 hour days of heavy labor haven’t caused undo stress, soreness or fatigue. Why? Because I have kept myself hydrated with over a gallon of Kangen water per day.

I am amazed that I can speak about the value of drinking Kangen, Alkaline, Ionized, restructured water and yet it seems mostly to fall on deaf ears. Really, Gods Water? Restoring your blood to a level of hydration that gout, arthritis, Acid Reflux, migraine headaches, Fibromyalgia and many other “Conditions” resolve themselves within your own body !

If you haven’t taken the time to discover something Life Changing, please take the time to review www.ChangetoWater.com/purifyingh2o or www.HSCWater.net/keithf Both sites will give you access to vital information and education.

My standard webpage www.GodsWaterBoy.com has links to the above and more.  Try Googling ‘GodsWaterBoy” and see how many references there are to my sites.  over 4 pages of reference to this amazing life changing product.


Blessings, Keith Flint “GodsWaterBoy”


You can review the 6 posts that I cover in my normal seminars.

Here is a list of Postings that cover what I often teach in a 6 week course. They are available as the posts from January 11th to February 8th in the right sidebar.
Week 1 ~ WATER RESTORED BACK TO NATURE. “If Water isn’t Water, then what is it? See a demo that will change your life through knowledge. Be challenged to drink ¾ oz. per pound per day.

Week 2 ~ CHANGE YOUR WATER, CHANGE YOUR BODY! ~ Lose weight naturally through cellular detoxification with water.

Week 3 ~ CHANGE YOUR WATER, CHANGE YOUR BLOOD ~ Minimize your dependence on prescription medications by restoring the body’s control of itself. YOUR blood is the cleansing and delivery system of life.

Week 4 ~ Change Your Water, Change Your Home ~ Eliminate the toxic chemicals from your home. Discover cooking/cleaning/disinfecting with the different strengths of Kangen water. This one REALLY will get your attention! A truly green home is a Kangen home.

Week 5 ~ Change Your Water, Change Your Life ~ Health, longevity and quality of life depend on the water you drink;
• Focus on the function of the Blood in providing the vehicle of self cleansing, cellular restoration, exercise energy, better sleep, increased mental clarity, etc.

Week 6 ~ Change Your Water, Change Your Wallet ~ See how making a health conscious decision of changing the water in your household can impact how much money you can save AND possibly make;

I am Keith Flint a Health Restoration Advocate. If you are interested in how I can help you make your home, family and life Healthier! then Please Text me today with your name and lets talk. 720 281-3965 or email to keith@GodsWaterBoy.com.

See a complete Video series that will educate you in detail at www.HSCWater.net/keithf

What are you changing in your life-Style, to improve your health ?

The first quarter of 2016 is slipping away!  What have you done this year to improve your health?
Its been said that Insanity is continuing to do the same things, yet expecting to get a different result. If you aren’t willing to make some simple changes, get ready to discover what it’s like when your health continues to slide.
Easy to say isn’t it? But what can I do differently, than what I am doing? Good question.

How much water are you drinking? Are you drinking Juices, coffee, tea, Lemon water, bottled water, tap water, no water at all?

To start with, If you are not drinking water all by itself, then your body, which was designed to function at 70% of your weight in water, cannot thrive. it can only fail, the question is at what rate are you failing?

Everything that you drink instead of water is detrimental to your general health and would require that much more good water to compensate for the diuretic that you are choosing to drink. Oh, I know that your drink may have minerals, and vitamins, but that makes it a food, not water!

OK!, you say. What water should I be drinking? How about you drinking the water that your body was designed to utilize?

Question: Would you put kerosene in a Chevrolet Corvette? and expect it to perform well? No matter how many additives or supplements you put in the kerosene, I guarantee that the Corvette won’t perform AS IT WAS DESIGNED TO!

(Hint: You have never had the proper water that your body was designed for. You will never know the difference until you experience it for yourself. If I am right, then that is a very important choice to make. If I am wrong, just how is water going to hurt you? and wouldn’t you just love to prove me wrong?)

Your Blood is 92-95% water! period. OH! I mean it should be in order to function and provide life-giving support to your body at the organ and cellular level. But you don’t drink water?

HEY! isn’t all water, just water? NO, it is not. Bottled water, which is convenient and “Pure” is really, FREE Radical in liquid form. It’s properties may have excluded impurities, but it did so by removing so much of the Hydrogen that it measures highly oxidizing and destructive. It would have to scavenge thousands of Hydrogen electrons to even rebuild itself back to basic water! which it can’t do anyway. How about city water, Tap water from my kitchen?
Well, Tap water has been not been treated to remove bacteria, chemicals, pharmaceutical residue or anything else. It has been treated to stabilize the E coli (Coli-form count) to an acceptable level. Yes there is an acceptable level of feces allowable in the EPA standards. However, the same EPA requires that the pH be returned to a slightly alkaline state. about 7.2 pH is generally expected. Why do they require this? because they do not want the normally acidic water to destroy the pipes in the ground. They add Lye and other chemicals to the water. Your pipes aren’t taken into account.

Here’s a hint! Look at the structure of the crystal that forms a snowflake. You won’t find this natural form anywhere in bottled water, spring water, tap water. But you might just find a lot of it in Re-Structured water.

To witness this for yourself, here is a simple website that will reveal what you should know.

When you are ready to actually discover the science and reality about this source of water, then I ask you to Educate yourself at a website designed to do just that.

Then if you would like to know if perhaps we can find a source near you that would let you experience this water, text me your name and request a water trial. I’ll work to find you a source near you. They exist, we simply need to identify them and make arrangements. Our water is ALWAYS FREE! Those of us who own this Hospital Certified machine in our own homes, realize that the water is priceless. it would be stupid to put a price on what God gives freely. It’s value can best be experienced as a personal discovery!

You can text me at 720-281-3965. BUT, Please, first do a little self education by going to the links above.
Blessings on you.
Keith Flint

NEXT TIME: How many diseases are directly impacted by your Hydration level? You will be amazed!

KTFA members. RE: post RV purchasing


You can educate yourself about the water, the Machine and the Company at:

www.HSCWater.net/keithf  This is a Private Website of information.for a concentrated 9 video series that takes you through information that will establish a knowledge base, should you wish to google the internet and be exposed to significant false and misleading information. You will be required to provide minimal information to receive an ACCESS CODE for visiting.

www.Drink.Purifyingh2o.com Information regarding Green properties, Health, Beauty, Sanitizing, and Oil Emuslifying waters, as well as drinking water. There is a link on this page for online purchasing of a product under “GodsWaterBoy”

www.GodsWaterKTFA.com This webpage is a duplicate of the above, but to purchase under Frank26My name and phone number appear so that I can  handle your questions and purchases for KTFA.

www.KangenDemo.com Powerful but simple presentation about the water.


Credit Cards: There are a number of Banks offering zero interest for up to 18 months on credit scores as low as 640.                                                                        (Text your email address to 720-262-9631 requesting “Financing resources“)

HELOC: we have had those who own their home, with equity, take out a “Home Equity Line of Credit” from a Credit  Union.  Borrowing from themselves, using their asset.  Generally a very  low interest rate.

Cash! needs no explanation, however a Cashiers Check is recommended.

FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT QUALIFY ELSEWHERE, ENAGIC HAS A ZERO INTEREST LOAN PROGRAM.  IT REQUIRES BETWEEN $800 AND $1200+ DOWN, AND 3,  6, 10, 16, 20  OR 24 MONTHS PAYMENTS. No Credit Check, No Credit Reporting, No payoff penalties, rebate of unused monthly office charge.  Text 720-262-9631 with “Company Finance Plan Details” please and your name and Email address.


    • iF  you plan to purchase several units, for family or others, we need to talk.  Each machine has a non-transferable 5 year Warranty and must be purchased in the name of the intended owner.
    • As a registered Customer with an IRS W9 provided, you can buy additional units at a discounted cost, however you remove the option of the future owner having dealer rights.
    • Company policy declares that they will honor warranty and service ONLY on original purchasers units.  This is because there is an automatic dealership attached to each purchase.  The Patented commission plan can be as important as the product itself.  People will want to buy a machine from you when they have had significant healing discovered from drinking your water. Your machine could repay its cost with just 8 to 10 purchasing referrals.
    • See more about the products, the company history and more at www.GodsWaterBoy.com
    • For information about the Business Opportunity www.sell.purifyingh2o.com
  • For Assistance or Answers to your questions please text 720-262-9631 (Text only) or call 720-281-3965  Please identify yourself when texting, I  have over 2000 people who call or text me.  Thank you.

Keith Flint  “GodsWaterBoy”

“Change Your Water, Change Your Wallet?”

Change Your Water, Change Your Wallet?

Week 6 ~ Change Your Water, Change Your Wallet

~ See how making a health conscious decision of changing the water in your household can impact YOUR home, how much money you can save. . . AND . . . possibly make. Can you imagine buying a very expensive item for your home, then having IT PAY FOR ITSELF?

• Now, Having discovered all of the ways in which the Enagic Kangen Water machine can provide better service in our home, than many of the chemicals and products that we are currently using, we now explain the importance of our discovery. Many people, in recognizing the value involved, will make owning their own system, for the rest of their live, a matter of priority. Our units are designed with a 20 year life expectancy under hard use.

• Now,is it time to find the right machine that fits their/your family and life?

• How many Cleaning Products can you replace in your home using the different waters the machine produces? This can have a real impact of saving money, because you no longer are purchasing expensive chemicals at the store.

A woman who meticulously evaluated how it would impact her home and family of four, concluded that it would save her in excess of $3,200 per year. Year after Year! and she would have a healthy family, as well as a clean and healthy home. I have her list that I can send to anyone wanting a copy. just text me as I mention at the end of each blog post.

• The real blessing is that we don’t have to put any pressure on anyone.
If they have attended our six week course, they are in possession of the necessary information for their decision. It is their decision to make. There will be many reasons that people can’t act at this time. That’s ok. We do discuss the various ways that a machine can be acquired and not too surprisingly, many of the ways haven’t been considered by those who want a machine. Normally, people see the price and immediately react with “I can’t afford that!”  Ask those who have purchased their system and they will ALL say, I can’t afford not to have it.

The list of financing possibilities is long. Credit cards, Home equity line of credit (borrowing from yourself), add to the budget for a Kitchen Remodeling project and or other financing. some Add it in a mortgage financing or refinance package. Some will use their Income tax refund, and it is that time of year. Others have gotten a down payment by selling something that they no longer use. We’ve even had people hold a garage sale and be surprised by raising enough to cover their costs. Then there’s our Company zero interest financing plan, requiring a down payment and 10 or 16 payments.

You can even Elect to purchase your machine with commissions, earned by referring the purchases of others to the company. Unfortunately you wouldn’t have a machine until it was paid off. However, You would just be doing what we all do. Share the story and the reality of the water. bringing referrals to the company.

Did I hear you right? The manufacturer actually has people referring customers. Yes, You automatically receive a registered ID number when you purchase your own machine and the company pays you, the customer, for referring other customers. OH! and remember it’s the water that is the salesman in this equation. Actually, only 10 purchasing referrals will repay you fully for your machine purchase.

The Company rewards it’s customers rather than paying salesmen. AND THEIR COMMISSION PLAN IS PATENTED! This is a 42 year old, debt free Manufacturer from Osaka Japan, with product in over 40 countries.

Let me assure you, Enagic is not an MLM! Whether a customer chooses to refer customers or not is their business. Those who do will receive a reward accordingly. There are no requirements, no inventory, no monthly quota, no loss of position earned (depending on the accumulation of sales you might have, you may receive more than one commission check from the same sale.) Text me and ask for a simple explanation of the commission plan. I have a brief video.

• So the question becomes, “Who do you know? Where do they live? Are you interested in getting the water to them?” You can Explain our Ambassador program and HOW they just might get a large part of their machine purchase returned by the decision of others to get their own machine after discovery.

• Q&A, of course in a blog post, we can’t be interactive, however, you can text me your name and questions and I will be glad to respond with answers as best as I can. Text phone: 720-281-3965

• Finally, at our Clinic Seminars the next thing is Bring your friends to the next class – WE ARE STARTING OVER! In this case bring your friends to this blog. You are always welcome to come to these meetings. But do your part, bring friends.

This is the closest I come to acting like a salesman. My apologies, but some people actually need someone to ask them to Buy!

Keith Flint
Enagic Representative
720-281-3965 Cell/Text

Webpage to reach multiple resources. www.ChangetoWater.com/Purifyingh2o

Water made freely available every Monday afternoon at my home in Aurora, Colorado for all who will come and fill their bottles. Our service to others. call or text 720-281-3965 for address and time.