Response to article: “High levels of “good cholesterol” may not be good after all.”


I wrote the following article in a Medical Blog as a response to a new Study that was posted, suggesting that Too Much Cholesterol can be as bad as too low a cholesterol level.

My posting :

I find that ALL medical research protocols tend to ignore the foundational condition of the Blood and its normal function.

The first Support system for the Blood is adequate Hydration. Hydration is almost completely ignored, however it is the mechanism absent in almost all Adverse Conditions (ie. Diseases)

Proper Blood Hydration causes the blood Red Cells to carry Oxygen, Nutrients, Energy to the cells and Waste removal. Ionized Restructured water, or Electrically Altered Water (EAW) is restored to the Micro-Cluster structure as seen in the Crystal of the Snowflake. Essentially a Hexagonal structure of water that impacts the Performance of the “Red Blood Cells” (RBC) within minutes of drinking a small amount.

What does this have to do with Cholesterol? Within days of drinking this Blood Function Restoring water, all generally monitored references such as Cholesterol, Liver Enzymes, Glucose, etc tend to return toward normal levels even in those who have a long term history of high levels.

Hydration is not about just drinking “Liquids” its about providing what nature intended the Body to have to provide a “Platform” in the RBC that carries Nutrition, Energy, Hemoglobin and Removes the Waste byproducts (Acidic Toxins) from the Cells.

Any Research Study that ignores the Primary Health status of the Blood in people is fraught with potential errors. It is such a common base of reference.

One source of this water has been manufactured in Japan for over 43 years and is used in over 400 Hospitals. It is certified Hospital Equipment, but rarely recognized for its enhanced performance in the Recovery of Health issues by the public. See the near immediate effect on a person’s Blood here “Blood response to Water”

I write a simple blog to explain and reference application of this water and its positive effects on the Body at which is freely available to view.

Proper water is formed of 2 Hydrogen and one Oxygen molecule. The Hydrogen is the essential source of natural healing in the Human Body. Search for articles on “Hydrogen; ERW; EAW” To find hundreds of Research studies focusing on the positive results of this important aspect of Life.

Incidentally, Cholesterol is essential to Brain Function! Our reducing of Cholesterol has a direct relationship to our current level of Brain Dysfunction issues, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Senility, Autism and many other conditions that have exploded in the era of Cholesterol management.

You may enjoy watching Brain Researcher Dr. Corrine Allen’s disertation of “Your Brain on Water!” from an earlier Post on this site. (click the <- link to view)

Keith Flint