Isn’t ALL Water just water?

Isn’t ALL Water just water?  Is there some difference between Tap Water, Bottled Water; RO Water, Well Water?

Unfortunately, NO!  All water is not equal. In fact most “Water” available to the average person is actually Damaging Water.

Lets start with what Water should be.  Water is formed of two Hydrogen Molecules bonded to an Oxygen Molecule.  We know it as H2O don’t we?

Pure Natural Water is actually visible under certain circumstances.  Look to the Snowflake to see it’s structure.

Water in Nature is an evaporation process, where moisture is evaporated from ground or ocean sources.  This guarantees that the moisture is PURE Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Then Moisture forms Clouds, which passing through the Magnetic Lines of Force of the Earth, charges the water molecule with Energy.  You see Lightning blast out of a cloud. This is a discharge of billions of volts of Electron energy stored in the water molecules of the cloud.

When water is at the Freezing point, 32 degrees, it bursts into a crystalline structure, The Snowflake! Look at the building block, it is a Hexagonal Ring of 6 water molecules.

Your body’s passages for water are sized to this Hexagonal, 6 molecule ring.  The water of this structure can be seen to improve the Red Blood Cells of a person within just a few minutes. Actually, within 10 to 15 minutes!

See a 1 minute video showing this effect on Human Blood. CLICK HERE

So lets see what other waters are.

  1. Tap Water:  Generally, from Ground Water.  Rivers, Lakes, Ponds and Wells (Aquifers)  Contains local minerals which can include Arsenic, Mercury, and other naturally occurring minerals in the ground the water is filtered through.  City Water sources do not filter the water. They do treat the water with chemicals to reduce the ecoli (fecal matter) to an acceptable level before sending it through the pipes to your house.  They treat the water with chemicals to change the pH to just over 7.0 pH to meet EPA requirements.  This is to protect the pipes in the ground, since the water generally is acidic before they treat it.
  2. Bottled Water:  most all companies process city water, some do use spring water, but all filter through numerous filter stages to make  sure that there are no impurities in it.  As good as this sounds, making it “Pure” does not make it healthy or even beneficial to your body.  Typical pH levels of these bottled waters range around 3.5 to 5 pH, which is better identified as “Bottled Free Radical Liquid” sold as if it were “Healthy Water”
  3. RO Water:  Reverse Osmosis eliminates the unwanted contaminates making a truly pure water.  Unfortunately, natural minerals are eliminated also.  RO Water does not have any Energy to deliver to the body. It is suggested that RO water, like De-ionized water is acidic and extracts minerals from the body.
  4. Well Water:  over 20 years ago the World Health Organization sampled every known aquifer in the world. They found that ALL of them contained Man Made Contaminents in significant levels, easily detected.  The 5 most common were  Nicotine, Caffeine, Hormones, Antibiotics and Endocrine Distupters.  Also would be bacteria, Microbes, farm chemicals, etc.  Well water should be carefully evaluated and appropriate filtration methods applied to make it safe.

I represent Kangen water which is Alkalized in a process that restores its structure and its energy, making it immediately bio-available to the Human Body. It passes through the Esophageal Channels that are sized to handle the water the Body needs. Other water clusters are too big to enter and pass on to the stomach and out the bladder having not accomplished the purpose of water.

You can really get a video education as to the many problems that the Bottled water industry has created, while giving you liquid that cannot satisfy your thirst.  This site is by invite only, but simple registration of name and email or cell phone if you want a text, allows you unlimited access to these educational videos.  This is not a long process and worth your spending a few minutes.  Click Here to see:

This Blog has many posts that explain the value of drinking this type of water.  Many health issues are naturally re-mediated when your Blood is able to function as planned.

Please take a few minutes to view the information to gain important knowledge for you and your family’s Health.\

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