CHANGE YOUR WATER, CHANGE YOUR BLOOD ~60,000 miles of your blood system.

This is  your total Cardiovascular System. Artery’s, Vein’s, Capillaries,


To answer that question, I have been asked by many to repeat important information that I have discussed before. You can find it in the sidebar at January 18, 2016

Much is currently being said about methods to reduce Inflammation, But! NOBODY seems to realize that correcting your Hydration Level with Kangen water which restores the Red Blood Cells in just 12 minutes, is the most important first step. (see video below.)

YOU can minimize YOUR dependence on prescription medications by helping the body take back control of itself. YOUR blood is the cleansing and delivery system of life.

In my Seminar’s I show the following and provide research to back it up.

• I Explain that ALL diseases are the RESULT or Manifestation of a condition. The condition is “Inadequate Red Blood Cell performance”. Meaning “Lack of Oxygen delivery and waste removal.” Truly,this is the source of an acidic body. Acidosis is a result of the Cells of the body retaining the Acidic waste byproduct of Life Energy combustion, IN THE CELLS!  Removal of the Acid Waste (toxins) allows the Body to return to an Alkaline state.

The solution for an acidic body IS: “Restoring your Blood’s Red Blood Cell performance.” It is NOT about eating/ingesting Alkaline food! It’s all about removing the acidic waste from your Cells. Removal allows the body to RID itself of acid and become alkaline. It also restores the Water to the cells (Hydration)

IF you don’t restore the proper hydration and function of the Blood, you simply cannot restore health. CORRECT AND FUNCTIONAL BLOOD IS FOUNDATIONAL TO LIFE AND HEALTH!

The Medical world’s solution is to add more chemicals to the body to somehow cancel the acid condition. What the Body can’t buffer, it uses FAT to encapsulate and stores the acid in fat, in order to protect the Vital organs. One 32 oz Soft Drink puts the Immune system into shock, like a 5 alarm fire response.  all hands are called to neutralize or encapsulate the 3 pH fluid before it can affect the Bloods ability to maintain 7.365 +/- .o5 pH.   To deviate from this level is inviting coma or death! check your research.

I further explain the process of testing a person’s Blood with Bright-field Microscopy. We can show the Live Blood in its acidic state in a one minute video, see below. This process then shows the same person 10 minutes after drinking about 4 oz of Kangen Water (electrolyzed water) with their Blood’s Red Blood Cells reactivated into individual spherical cells, ready to deliver Oxygen, Nutrition and energy to the cells and remove the toxic waste byproducts from the cells, carrying the waste to the Kidneys, the Lungs and the Lymph nodes.

The blood is the only way that nutrients from your meals can be carried to the cells! Look at the “Rouleau condition of Blood” vs the same person after beginning to drink the Kangen Restructured water.

The Primary purpose of water is to “Activate” the Function of the Red Blood Cells, the “Housekeeping and Delivery system” for the body.

You can see examples of this action by clicking on the Video above or you could get more information at my website GodsWaterBoy information !