Where to find recognized Research about Health Issues

Our “Kangen Water” Ionizers produce several qualities of water. from 2.5 pH disinfecting water to Beauty water, clean water, 3 levels of Drinking waters and 11.5 pH oil emulsifying waters.  How do they effect the Human Body, inside and out?  see the video link at the end of this Blog.

For those wishing to do their own research about the effects of the different Kangen Waters produced by the Enagic SD501 or K-8 Ionizers,we refer you to searching PubMed.

You can use Pubmed.com to research the  National Institutes of Health (NIH) archives. You need to be careful when you do your research with Google. The misinformation that you get can confuse you to the point of almost giving up. We’ve learned, if you want facts on Medicine go to Pubmed.com and enter the subjects, for which you want information, into the search bar .

Some of the Results from searching “Dehydration”; “Acidosis”; “Oxidative Stress”
1. Diseases Caused by Dehydration. I got 54 pages of web links, 20 links to a page. Nearly every disease we deal with today is somewhere in those 54 pages.
2. Diseases Caused by Acidosis. This time 87 pages of links popped up. Nearly all of the diseases from dehydration were in included in this search plus some that weren’t.
3. Diseases Caused by Oxidative Stress. Can you believe, 422 pages of links this time? Disease discussed included all of the diseases in both dehydration and acidosis plus.
It becomes fairly obvious, that if you have a structured water that enhances normal Blood function, that the above should at least to some degree be reduced.  Testimonies of many people attest to the fact that indeed their lives have changed dramatically after getting on the water.

Of course, perhaps that is why the Enagic Company selected the Motto: “Change your Water, Change your LIFE!”

To really get the whole picture, videos that show the effect on poor blood in just 12 minutes, Colon Before and After pictures from the Doctor that co-Invented the Colonoscope (you will have trouble believing this one); Skin disorders before and after using 2.5 pH water.  All that and more at www.HSCWater.net/keithf  (access code received after submission) 

For more data, please go to: www.ChangetoWater.com/Purifyingh2o and minimal registration gives access. Thank you for visiting my Blog  today. Keith Flint 720-281-3965 Cell/Text