Rick Fleming’s personal story of the effect Kangen water had on his Issues.

Rick Fleming’s personal story of the effect Kangen water had on his issues.

Thanks to Rick for letting me share his story.

Rick Fleming
February 12 at 1:43pm

This is my story as I am starting this amazing journey and I hope it inspires anyone who reads this to experience the same if not better results than I have found.

I’ve been able to avoid pharma drugs for the last 5 years and used everything from Turmeric for pain, multi vitamins, l-theanine for clarity and essential oils for just about everything. About a year ago I developed Gerd after having a major allergic reaction and spent 9 months trying to find a natural remedy for this. It was so bad, that when I tried to talk, I would choke on my own mucus. I searched and searched on the Web to find natural remedies and tried everything from teas, to oils to vitamins and nothing helped. I frankly thought I would deal with this for the rest of my life.

I finally broke down and went to a doctor who said I had silent reflux and would need to take PPI’s (Prevacid) to help. I took that for about a month and found it helped somewhat but not making it 100% and I didn’t want to be taking Prevacid for the rest of my life. I saw a post around the end of the month for this miracle water and saw that people with Acid Reflux could use this water as a 1-Stop shop to take care of it. I reached out to the person who posted it, and he reached out to me immediately. He told me he was suffering so bad 5 years ago with Lyme Disease that it got to his brain and he couldn’t even complete a sentence. I told him my father has Lyme disease and asked if he knew someone in Florida that could help him by sharing water. He found a wonderful lady that was able to share the water with my father and in 3 weeks, he was able to reduce his medication and found he was not as fatigued or in pain nearly as much.

So, I said I need to try this water now, because if it worked for him, I wanted it for my Gerd. Without testing the water, I went out on a limb, and made the purchase of the SD501. Within 3 days my symptoms had gone from a 9 to a 2 and within a week I haven’t had a flare up at all! All from this 9.5pH water. ‪#‎Shocked‬

In only 15 days, I’ve shared the water with many friends already who have had miraculous results from using the 2.5 pH for acidic acne to someone that took drugs for massive heartburn, and I’m happy to say both of them are seeing significant results and have been back twice to get water.

I believe whole heartedly this is miracle water, and have seen it first hand and have many examples in only two weeks of its ability to bring my body into an alkaline state!

I can’t wait to see what happens over the next year as the word spreads in this small town of Pottstown, PA when people start realizing what this miracle water does.

Comments as to Miracle water should be understood that when the Body gets the water that it was designed for, the resulting changes that occur are because the Body’s healing capabilities have been increased due to hydration and the effect of the Blood doing it’s job better
see impact on the Blood here (<— Click)