What is the logic behind the Medical world’s treatment of Disease?

Perhaps a better way to start this Blog is to declare that “Unless there is a foreign Pathogen in a body”, there is no such thing as a disease.”

All “Disease” is actually a developed “Condition” and unless it is reversed and restored, the only thing a Medication can do is “Mask” it or control the symptom!

Question, Is a baby born prescription Medication deficient? if you have Acid Reflux disease, are you Pepto Bismol deficient?

When is the public going to wake up to the reality that the only thing that can bring a true cure to a body, is the body itself.  God designed your body to heal itself.  When you cut yourself, the bandage doesn’t cause it to heal, the blood does.

I am going to start with individual Presumed diseases on this blog and show how the Blood is the source of Healing.  Lets start with Cancer!

You can download a pdf file from my website www.GodsWaterBoy.com “Some Truths about Cancer” and read the information and share it with others.  Cancer is a Condition. It is a result of Damaged DNA within a cell. This much the Medical world agrees with.  However, HOW DID THE CELL BECOME DAMAGED?

The DNA within a Cell is locked with a Dupex (pair) of Hydrogen Molecules.  Each Cell of the body is a  Battery! Typically, a new cell produces between 70 and 90 Millivolts of Energy.  YOU ARE AN ELECTRICAL BEING.  Everything that you do is a result of an electrical current signal or action.  Your energy level is directly related to the quality of your cells.

So, when diet, poor food habits, lack of sleep, no water, just soda and other liquids are the source of you body’s resources, it’s no surprise that your cells have become lacking performance.

When the voltage level of your cells drops below 20 millivolts, the cell is unable to defend against a Free Radical, who steals an electron (Hydrogen molecule) and causes the DNA to lose its identity.  This is now a “Cancerous” whatever cell.  But, it also has become a Free Radical by transfer and loss of its electron.  It preys on a near cell that also can’t defend itself.  The result is a  degenerative condition we call Cancer.

Since the Cells are essentially “Batteries” it stands to reason that recharging these batteries will restore their strength to withstand attack by Free Radicals.

In fact, The Cancer cells will die off without reproduction on their own and flush out of the body.  God has said that “Life is in the Blood” and Science says that the blood is 92% water. However, the only water that can pass through the channels provided in the throat, esophagus and stomach is the natural forms seen in the crystal of a Snowflake, a Hexagonal Ring of water molecules.

Download my thesis at GodsWaterBoy.com and review it for yourself.

We have so many people who have discovered restoration of their health from this disease (Conditon) and many others, just because they found that our Kangen Water, Restructured to the hexagonal form with excess Hydrogen energy embedded, brought natural restoration.

I’m Gods Water Boy! It’s Gods Water by design. Change your water, Change your life.