What are you changing in your life-Style, to improve your health ?

The Year is slipping away!  What have you done this year to improve your health?
Its been said that Insanity is continuing to do the same things, yet expecting to get a different result. If you aren’t willing to make some simple changes, get ready to discover what it’s like when your health continues to slide.
Easy to say isn’t it? But what can I do differently, than what I am doing? Good question.

How much water are you drinking? Are you drinking Juices, coffee, tea, Lemon water, bottled water, tap water, no water at all?

To start with, If you are not drinking water all by itself, then your body, which was designed to function at 70% of your weight in water, cannot thrive. it can only fail, the question is at what rate are you failing?

Everything that you drink instead of water is detrimental to your general health and would require that much more good water to compensate for the diuretic that you are choosing to drink. Oh, I know that your drink may have minerals, and vitamins, but that makes it a food, not water!

OK!, you say. What water should I be drinking? How about you drinking the water that your body was designed to utilize?

Question: Would you put kerosene in a Chevrolet Corvette? and expect it to perform well? No matter how many additives or supplements you put in the kerosene, I guarantee that the Corvette won’t perform AS IT WAS DESIGNED TO!

(Hint: You have never had the proper water that your body was designed for. You will never know the difference until you experience it for yourself. If I am right, then that is a very important choice to make. If I am wrong, just how is water going to hurt you? and wouldn’t you just love to prove me wrong?)

Your Blood is 92-95% water! period. OH! I mean it should be in order to function and provide life-giving support to your body at the organ and cellular level. But you don’t drink water?

HEY! isn’t all water, just water? NO, it is not. Bottled water, which is convenient and “Pure” is really, FREE Radical in liquid form. It’s properties may have excluded impurities, but it did so by removing so much of the Hydrogen that it measures highly oxidizing and destructive. It would have to scavenge thousands of Hydrogen electrons to even rebuild itself back to basic water! which it can’t do anyway. How about city water, Tap water from my kitchen?
Well, Tap water has been not been treated to remove bacteria, chemicals, pharmaceutical residue or anything else. It has been treated to stabilize the E coli (Coli-form count) to an acceptable level. Yes there is an acceptable level of feces allowable in the EPA standards. However, the same EPA requires that the pH be returned to a slightly alkaline state. about 7.2 pH is generally expected. Why do they require this? because they do not want the normally acidic water to destroy the pipes in the ground. They add Lye and other chemicals to the water. Your pipes aren’t taken into account.

Here’s a hint! Look at the structure of the crystal that forms a snowflake. You won’t find this natural form anywhere in bottled water, spring water, tap water. But you might just find a lot of it in Re-Structured water.

To witness this for yourself, here is a simple website that will reveal what you should know.

When you are ready to actually discover the science and reality about this source of water, then I ask you to Educate yourself at a website designed to do just that.

Then if you would like to know if perhaps we can find a source near you that would let you experience this water, text me your name and request a water trial. I’ll work to find you a source near you. They exist, we simply need to identify them and make arrangements. Our water is ALWAYS FREE! Those of us who own this Hospital Certified machine in our own homes, realize that the water is priceless. it would be stupid to put a price on what God gives freely. It’s value can best be experienced as a personal discovery!

You can text me at 720-281-3965. BUT, Please, first do a little self education by going to the links above.
Blessings on you.
Keith Flint

NEXT TIME: How many diseases are directly impacted by your Hydration level? You will be amazed!