Outstanding Video explanation of the Properties of Kangen Water!

I am providing an excellent video of Education, Demonstrations and Presentation about the Properties of Kangen Water.  It is one of the most comprehensive of video’s about the Properties of Kangen Water?

by a person who discovered its impact in his life and was challenged to Research and discover more about it.

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The reality is that the “antioxidant charge” (ORP) does disappear over time. The real question is “Where does it go?

REALITY CHECK: The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is a measure of voltage present in a liquid because of FREE Active Hydrogen, which when Negative in value indeed is a powerful antioxidant.  If however the voltage is Positive it indicates an Acidic liquid (see kangendemo.com) which is destructive to the Human Body.  A good example of this is seen in testing most of the Bottled waters available on the market.

But, it doesn’t stop there, this Negatively charged free hydrogen begins to pair up with the damaged water molecules, completing them (just as any antioxidant would in neutralizing a free radical.)

The utilization of the hydrogen, of course causes the measurement of Free Hydrogen  (ORP) to diminish.  Actually, after restoration the resulting water is more effective in restoring the Body’s Blood functions and the natural healing process.

So NO the water does not become BAD after 48 -72 hours.
Early on when owners of the machine started doing demonstrations of the water, they didn’t have an explanation of why the pH remained stable but the ORP Disappeared in a couple of days.
They promoted that the water was only good for 48 to 72 hours.

But wait a minute, the water that brought such quick and dramatic healing to me personally, was over 3 weeks old when I received it!

Yes, the ORP disappears, but it is not lost, it integrates with the damaged molecules restoring their structure. The damaged molecules are clinging to each other sharing common hydrogen and they form large clusters of Acidic or Oxidizing water. The Free Hydrogen separates the water by completing each molecule and letting it free of it’s bondage. The resulting structure of water migrates into a natural hexagonal form, 6 molecules linking together into a ring.  See the structure of the Snowflake! The crystal formation is always hexagonal and energized.

The aging of Kangen water has proven more effective in healing serious Health issues for me as well as many of those that I have supplied water to

To get a picture of what I am talking about, I suggest that you go to www.GodsWaterBoy.com and download the PDF file “Some Truths about Cancer” for my dissertation.

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“So what’s the problem with my water source?”

“So what’s the problem with my water source?”
What does Tap water, Bottled water, Filtered water, Reverse Osmosis water all have in common?
In a single statement it’s Dead Water! It has no Life, No Energy, No Bio Availability!

Lets first look at Tap Water, generally known to have Chlorine, Fluoride, chemicals, residual pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, hormones, Nicotine, Caffeine, endocrine disruptor’s, do I need to go on?

On the other hand Bottled water is labeled “Pure water” because of the removal of all the above. Well if that is true, Then why do we not want Bottled water?

Because, when all of the above is stripped out of the water, many of the Hydrogen molecules are stripped with it. This leaves a water that can be measured and shown as “Highly Acidic”, lacking up to 50,000 times it’s hydrogen oxygen balance.

This makes this water a Pure FREE RADICAL Source. The Oxygen of the water molecule is not neutralized and seeks to balance itself by attacking the cells, stealing an electron, Damaging the DNA and Oxidizing your inner parts, not hydrating them.

Bottled water represents Man’s attempt to improve on Gods water, Purifying it, selling it as healthy and of course, at $4-8 per gallon, making significant profit off of your effort to treat your body right in trying to become hydrated.

Filtered water may remove some of the larger contaminants, but still remains acidic, though not as severe. So what is the problem with filtering? Well, first the water being incomplete, forms in large clusters as they share the few hydrogen molecules present.

These water clusters are too large to pass through the passages designed to deliver it into the body and so it continues on to the stomach and bladder and out of the body without giving hydrating benefit.

Of course your body does get some benefit from the water you drink, especially tap water and filtered water, even the shower water that you absorb, but the percentage of bio available water is low.

God’s design of water is evident in every Snowflake. you can see this in it’s crystal structure. It’s definitely Not the soup that comes out of your water faucet, whether from well or city water source.

The individual, Natural, water molecule made up of two hydrogen and one Oxygen Molecules form a shape that looks like “Mickey Mouse” in silhouette.
When 6 of these water molecules connect together, Oxygen to Hydrogen to Oxygen to … They form a PERFECT 6 sided ring of Hexagonal design. God’s Design! HE says that “Life is in the Blood!” The Blood is made up of over 90% water! but not just any liquid that we think is water.

You can actually see this if you look at the crystal structure of the snowflake. it forms the building blocks of each unique snowflake. This is Natures picture of water perfection before it becomes damaged, diluted, and contaminated.

It just so happens that your body’s orifices, or passages that allow water to move from the throat, Esophagus, and Stomach into the body’s inner function are sized to pass the small natural structure of Hexagonal water,\. Delivering benefits immediately to the Blood supply.

The Primary purpose of water is to “Activate” the Function of the Red Blood Cells as the “Housekeeping and Delivery system” for the body. The hexagonal ring acts as a platform or carrier to handle carrying Oxygen from the lungs, Nutrition from the stomach, energy and minerals to the Cells as the fuel and building blocks of your body. Oh! And they also carry the waste away, removing your acidic waste and restoring natural alkalinity to your body. see a 1 minute video at http://bit.ly/1SrJ3dq where a doctor tries to explain what she is seeing, even though her explanation lacks understanding, the pictures are witness of the truth.

You don’t become alkaline by what you eat, you become alkaline by removing the acidic cellular waste that has been causing your acidosis symptoms. Drinking the Proper water has a direct effect on the Blood’s function, flushing the Acidic waste from your body and restoring your alkalinity.

Our lifestyle today typically includes everything but water as liquid’s for our body. Our bodies are designed to function best when contains 75% water. That is 120 lbs of a 160 lb person! So, ask yourself “How much water am I giving my body?” actual water, not just liquids.

The Primary purpose of water is to “Activate” the Function of the Red Blood Cells as the “Housekeeping and Delivery system” for the body.

You can see examples of this action by clicking on the links here. Water Explained or you could view my website


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