Week 2 ~ CHANGE YOUR WATER, CHANGE YOUR BODY! ~ Lose weight naturally through cellular detoxification with water. (Agenda for a Seminar)

• Introduction and brief review of previous week’s discussion.

• Explain the Body’s digestive system and function, the Lungs (Oxygen) and the Operational system of the Blood.

• Explain “Acidity” of the body as “Cells retaining residual waste = Acidic Body and how the body uses FAT for storage of acid, to protect the organs from the excess acid in our diet.

• Until you Neutralize the acid, the fat can’t burn off.

Exercise won’t work properly until you first neutralize your fat storage cells. Otherwise, you lose lean muscle mass.

Diet is essential, mostly fresh vegetables, nuts, roots steamed or lightly cooked. All Meats, animal byproducts (Eggs, Milk, Cheese) are Acidic foods. Sodas are the worst. (Though for Diabetics Eggs and Some Cheese’s are good sources of good fat. also Avacado’s)

Let the water purify you from within. Cleanse your digestive tract naturally. Return your stomach, intestines, and colon back to an alkaline state. Food was intended to be digested by enzymes not acid. Now, without enzymes in our packaged food products our body has been forced to use acid as its last resort. This could become a multiweek discussion with practical solutions.

• When you begin to drink Ionized Alkalized water, in proper quantities, consistently you can say goodbye to “Acid Reflux”, Rollaids, Tums, etc. One of our Nutrition Experts says “Your body doesn’t have a Pepto-bismal DEFICIENCY!”

• Drink ¾ – 1 Gallon of Alkalized water per day regularly and discover the difference. Note: 1/2 Oz water per pound weight, each day is minimum. (128 Oz = 1 gallon. pr 1/2 oz per lb for a 250 person) Obviously, 3/4 or 1 Oz per pound daily would be preferred for maximum effect.

The Primary purpose of water is to “Activate” the Function of the Red Blood Cells as the “Housekeeping and Delivery system” for the body.

You can see examples of this action by clicking on the link here. Water Explained

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60,000 miles of your blood system.


Minimize your dependence on prescription medications by restoring the body’s control of itself. YOUR blood is the cleansing and delivery system of life.

•Your Body  is about 50,000 miles of Capillary,vein, artery distribution of Blood! You cannot stick yourself anywhere without drawing blood!

Brief review of weeks one and two, demo of pH and ORP

Explain that ALL diseases are the RESULT or Manifestation of a condition. The condition is “Inadequate Red Blood Cell performance”. Meaning “Lack of Oxygen delivery and waste removal.” Truly,this is the source of an acidic body.

• “Restoring your Blood’s Red Blood Cell performance” IS the solution for an acidic body. It is NOT about eating/ingesting Alkaline food! It’s all about removing the acidic waste from your Cells. Removal allows the body to RID itself of acid and become alkaline.


IF you don’t restore the proper hydration and function of the Blood, you simply cannot restore health. CORRECT AND FUNCTIONAL BLOOD IS FOUNDATIONAL TO LIFE AND HEALTH!

The world’s solution is to add more chemicals to the body to somehow cancel the acid condition. Let’s face it, The body uses FAT to store the acid in order to protect the Vital organs.

• I further explain the process of testing a person’s Blood with Bright-field Microscopy. We can show the Live Blood in its acidic state in a one minute video, see below. This process then shows the same person 10 minutes later with their Blood’s Red Blood Cells reactivated into individual spherical cells, ready to deliver Oxygen, Nutrition and energy to the cells and remove the toxic waste byproducts from the cells, carrying the waste to the Kidneys, the Lungs and the Lymph nodes.

• The blood is the only way that nutrients from your meals can be carried to the cells! Look at the “Rouleau condition of Blood” vs the same person after beginning to drink the Alkalized Restructured water.

The Primary purpose of water is to “Activate” the Function of the Red Blood Cells as the “Housekeeping and Delivery system” for the body.

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“So what’s the problem with my water source?”

So what’s the problem with my water source?


What does Tap water, Bottled water, Filtered water, Reverse Osmosis water all have in common?
it’s Dead Water! It has no Life, No Energy, with very Little Bio Availability!

We are reminded by marketing of water products that Tap Water is generally known to have Chlorine, Fluoride, chemicals, residual pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, hormones, Nicotine, Caffeine, endocrine disruptor’s.


On the other hand Bottled water is labeled “Pure water” because of the removal of all the above.

Well if that is true, Then why don’t we want Bottled water?

Because, when all of the above is stripped out of the water, many of the Hydrogen molecules are stripped with it. This leaves a water that when tested and measured is discovered as  being “Extremely Acidic!”, lacking up to 10,000 times it’s hydrogen / oxygen balance!. This means that much of the liquid in the bottle is actually OH- or the Most powerful Oxidizer in Nature!

Another name for bottled water would be “A Pure FREE RADICAL Drink!

The Oxygen of the water molecule, lacking a Hydrogen is therefore not neutralized and seeks to balance itself by attacking the cells, stealing an electron,  This can Damage the Cell DNA (creating a cancerous cell) while also Oxidizing your inner parts, rather than hydrating them.

Bottled water represents Man’s attempt to improve on Gods water, Purifying it, selling it as healthy and of course, at $4-8 per gallon, making a significant profit off of your effort to treat your body right in attempting to become hydrated.


Filtered water may remove some of the larger contaminants, but still remains acidic, though not as severe. So what is the problem with filtering? Well, first the tap water (damaged as mentioned above) forms in large clusters as they share the few hydrogen molecules present. you’ve seen how a glass can be filled above the rim with water because of surface tension.  You may remember Amway selling a product that made your water wetter. It added ions via a chemical that reduced the surface tension.

These water clusters are too large to pass through the passages designed to deliver it into the body and so it continues on to the stomach and bladder and out of the body without giving hydrating benefit.

Of course your body does get some benefit from the water you drink, especially tap water and filtered water, even the shower water that you absorb, but the percentage of bio available water is low.

God’s design of water is evident in every Snowflake. you can see this in it’s crystal structure. It’s definitely Not the soup that comes out of your water faucet, whether from well or city water source.

The individual, Natural, water molecule made up of two hydrogen and one Oxygen Molecules form a shape that looks like “Mickey Mouse” in silhouette.

When 6 of these water molecules connect together, Oxygen to Hydrogen to Oxygen to … They form a PERFECT 6 sided ring of Hexagonal design. God’s Design! HE says that “Life is in the Blood!” The Blood is made up of over 90% water! but not just any liquid that we think is water.

You can actually see this if you look at the crystal structure of the snowflake. it forms the building blocks of each unique snowflake. This is Natures picture of water perfection before it becomes damaged, diluted, and contaminated.

It just so happens that your body’s orifices, or passages that allow water to move from the throat, Esophagus, and Stomach into the body’s inner function are sized to pass the small natural structure of Hexagonal water,\. Delivering benefits immediately to the Blood supply.

The Primary purpose of water is to “Activate” the Function of the Red Blood Cells as the “Housekeeping and Delivery system” for the body. The hexagonal ring acts as a platform or carrier to handle carrying Oxygen from the lungs, Nutrition from the stomach, energy and minerals to the Cells as the fuel and building blocks of your body. Oh! And they also carry the waste away, removing your acidic waste and restoring natural alkalinity to your body.

see a 1 minute video at where a doctor tries to explain what she is seeing, even though her explanation lacks understanding, the pictures are witness of the truth.

You don’t become alkaline by what you eat, you become alkaline by removing the acidic cellular waste that has been causing your acidosis symptoms. Drinking the Proper water has a direct effect on the Blood’s function, flushing the Acidic waste from your body and restoring your alkalinity.

Our lifestyle today typically includes everything but water as liquid’s for our body. Our bodies are designed to function best when contains 75% water. That is 120 lbs of a 160 lb person! So, ask yourself “How much water am I giving my body?” actual water, not just liquids.

The Primary purpose of water is to “Activate” the Function of the Red Blood Cells as the “Housekeeping and Delivery system” for the body.

You can see examples of this action by clicking on the link here.

Water Explained

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a list of Sessions we will be posting over the next 6 weeks

Learn about Kangen Water's Benefits
Week 1 ~ WATER RESTORED BACK TO NATURE. “If Water isn’t Water, then what is it?” See a demo that will change your life through knowledge. Be challenged to drink ¾ oz. per pound per day.

Week 2 ~ CHANGE YOUR WATER, CHANGE YOUR BLOOD ~ Minimize your dependence on prescription medications by restoring the body’s control of itself. YOUR blood is the cleansing and delivery system of life.

Week 3 ~ CHANGE YOUR WATER, CHANGE YOUR BODY! ~ Lose weight naturally through cellular detoxification with water.

Week 4 ~ Change Your Water, Change Your Home ~ Eliminate the toxic chemicals from your home. Discover cooking/cleaning/disinfecting with the different strengths of Kangen water. This one REALLY will get your attention! A truly green home is a Alkalized water home.

Week 5 ~ Change Your Water, Change Your Life ~ Health, longevity and quality of life depend on the water you drink;
• Focus on the function of the Blood in providing the vehicle of self cleansing, cellular restoration, exercise energy, better sleep, increased mental clarity, etc.

Week 6 ~ Change Your Water, Change Your Wallet ~ See how making a health conscious decision of changing the water in your household can impact how much money you can save AND possibly make;

I am Keith Flint a Health Restoration Advocate. If you are interested in how I can help you make your home, family and life Healthier! then Please Text me today with your name and lets talk. 720 281-3965 or email to


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45歳の会社、直接代表ポジション、NO QUOTA’s


  1. 事業主?
  2. 起業家ですか?
  3. 従業員?
  4. 失業者ですか?


  1. 健康にいい?
  2. 健康よりも少ない?
  3. 薬を必要とする健康問題がありますか?
  4. 深刻な健康問題?
  5. おそらく家族の誰かが「ターミナル」と見なされますか?


  1. 財政的に安全ですか?
  2. 経済的に快適?
  3. 月ごとに生きる?
  4. 唯一のプロバイダと債務?
  5. 破産に近づいている?

あなたがどこにいるかを最もよく反映する番号を選択してください。 一緒にそれらを追加して、数が6以上であるならば、あなたは読むことを望むかもしれません…。 


  • あなた自身のビジネスをお持ちですか?
  • 自由に商品をプレゼント
  • あなたの家族の中で健康回復を経験していますか?
  • 製品を代表する誰もが毎日必要としている?
  • 特許取得済みのコミッションプランから複数の収入チェックを受けますか?  紹介販売につき 37322  〜110,000  以上
  • クォータまたは毎月の購入は必要ありませんか。
  • あなた自身の収入の可能性を決定しますか?
  • あなた自身の時間の約束を自由に管理しますか?
  • 彼らの個人的な発見のためにあなたの製品を共有することによって他人に祝福をしますか?
  • 干渉や圧力なしで動作しますか?


  • 個人的な誠実さ、倫理および誠実さを持つ人々。
  • バイリンガル、英語とあなたの言語/方言。
  • コンピュータスキル、最低限のテキスト、電子メール、スマートフォン。
  • 発信、商品の共有、商品の説明、他人とのコミュニケーション
  • 営業担当者ではありません。 友達を作り、経験を共有し、人々が何かを買うように圧力をかけずに自由に教育を受ける人。
  • 長期的な収入を探している人のことです。
  • 年収が 1000万  に達すると見ている人 
  • 他の人との継続的な関係が重要であるビジネスで快適な人。
  • 自分の成功を約束する人。
  • 米国を含む他の国でも販売を希望する人。



以下の情報を 添え  1 + 720-262-9631に テキストを送って ください。

“あなたの名前、言語、Send Businessの詳細”


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45 Year old Company, Direct Representative Position, NO QUOTA’s

Which best fits you?

  1. Business owner?
  2. Entrepreneur?
  3. Employee?
  4. Unemployed?


  1. In Excellent Health?
  2. Less than Healthy?
  3. Have Health issues that require Medication?
  4. Serious Health Issues?
  5. Perhaps someone in family is considered “Terminal”?


  1. Financially Secure?
  2. Financially Comfortable?
  3. Living Month to Month?
  4. Sole Provider and in Debt?
  5. Approaching bankruptcy?


Would you be interested in:

  • Owning your own business?
  • Giving a Product away Freely?
  • Experiencing Health Restoration within your Family?
  • Representing a Product Everyone needs daily?
  • Receive Multiple Income checks from Patented Commission Plan? (¥37322 to over ¥110,000 per referral sale)
  • No Quota’s or Monthly Purchases required?
  • Determine your own income potential?
  • Freely manage your own time commitment?
  • Be a blessing to others by sharing your product for their personal discovery?
  • Work without interference or pressure?


  • People with Personal Integrity, Ethics and Honesty.
  • Bi-Lingual, English and your Language/Dialect.
  • Computer skills, minimum Text, email, Smart Phone.
  • Outgoing, willing to share Product, explain what it is and communicate personally with others.
  • Someone who ISN’T a Sales Person! Someone who makes Friends, Shares experience, and Educates freely without pressuring people to buy anything.
  • Someone who is looking for long term income.
  • One who can see income reaching ¥10 Million a year.
  • Someone who is comfortable in a Business where ongoing Relationships with others are important.
  • Someone who will commit to their own success.
  • Someone who would also like to have sales in other Countries, including in the United States.

 If this interests you and you would like more information, it will cost you nothing to find out if this is for you!


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