Interesting conversation about Water Structure.

I shared information with a leader of a Group of people who deal with severe pain disorders.  I let her know that I do not attempt to sell product at meetings where I speak.  I do however, share the water freely with people that it might help. For most people, Discovery is more powerful than intellectual conviction. When people discover within themselves, no one will be able to change their mind.  Sometimes, Experience trumps Opinion and “so called Facts”.

I let the Lady know that I envy her for having had the opportunity to meet and speak with Dr Mu Shik Jhon, a renown Researcher of structured water. I’ve read some of his works. Having studied several researchers. I have concluded, in my opinion, why the Enagic Machine does create a more natural, restructured water.

To explain it, I compare it to the lowly Snowflake.  A Snowflake comes from Natural atmospheric water, energized by passing through the magnetic lines of the Earth, and when at the right temperature and changing from Liquid to solid, the molecules explode into Hexagonal crystal structures forming the Snowflake. This building block is always a hexagonal crystal. The 6 molecules attach at a 60 degree offset, forming a 360 ring of molecules. This is the most natural energized form of water.

Dr Hirst Filtzer, Retired Cardiologist from Harvard has suggested that the size of the channels in the esophagus and stomach is such that hexagonal water passes easily, while larger clusters of water cannot.  This water passes into the blood in the form of a platform to carry oxygen, nutrition and energy, and re-activating the red blood cells in just minutes. I have several videos showing this. one from a patient drinking as little as 4 oz. and another 16 oz.  We have been told that typical Well and City water may contain up to 20% of natural Hexagonal water. unfortunately, the stuff that comes with it is not so helpful to the Human Condition.

It seems like most of science’s focus is on studying interactions of individual molecules, where I see the Hexagonal form of 6 molecules is key to it’s effective utilization in improving Blood activity and hydrating the cells of the body.

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