Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

Change Your Water, Change Your Life

Week 5 ~ Change Your Water, Change Your EVERYTHING

~ Does Health, longevity and quality of life depend on the water you drink;

So we are nearing the end of our Training seminars on an “Alkalizing Water” Ionizer and it’s use in YOUR home.

• in previous sessions,we have Focused on the function of the Blood in providing the vehicle of self cleansing, cellular restoration, exercise energy, better sleep, increased mental clarity, and the list goes on.

• We have reviewed the DO’s and DON’Ts of diet and food choices. You can revisit previous blog posts.

• We have shared the results others have discovered and discussed comments, weight loss and testimonies.

• Reviewing the Information that we have developed, we realize that it is time to explain the value of sharing with others, It’s obvious that experiencing the water, with education, will bring the RIGHT decision.

We ask if they were skeptical when they first came.

Are they still skeptical?……… WHAT CHANGED?

The common answer is “the Knowledge that they have learned and the experience of drinking the water for the 5 weeks has made them aware of realities that they never knew!”


Unfortunately, here on the Blog, you are only able to receive information and not able to experience the water.  Occasionally, I am able to locate a Kangen, Alkalized water source near you for your Discovery.  It seems that most of us who discovered the machine responded to our own awareness of how the water altered our lives. Purchasing the machine was made without thinking that a business might be involved in our purchase.

That lead to another equally unexpected Discovery, The Company is a Direct Selling Manufacturer! They ONLY sell direct to a person who is REFERRED by a customer, “YOU” and they reward you with a commission check whenever you use your ID number to refer a client.

If you have any interest in getting an idea what this means, you can watch a couple of videos that explain it in a humorous way, comparing this plan to other MLM Opportunities. What is the Business side of Enagic all about?

• we close with a Q&A session. You can freely text me at 720-281-3965 with your name and any question you might have.