Environmenal Reforestation Projects

This is an amazing story of the natural crossing of three Trees rather than cloning or GMO modification, Producing a Fast growing tree, with previous unheard of qualities.  Read and Watch the following!

Dr Ray Allen and the tree he developed!


What is the Business side of Enagic all about?

I have been asked to explain the difference between typical MLM business plans and the Our Patented Compensation/business plan. Not wanting to waste your time, I have two brief videos that will give you reason to consider this company.

First will be “How it compares to other Plans” Please enjoy a little humor also. LOL

Having viewed the above video you probably want to know just how to accomplish this result. So I add a video explaining the Compensation Plan.

And it is simple to understand!

To start with, let me say “We have NO Salesmen!“…..REALLY?

ONLY a Customer can share the water for another person to discover how this water impacts their Health and Life.  When you become a customer, you receive a Business ID number. No pressure, no Hassle, No Bother. But if someone experiences the effects of the water, and decide they want a machine.  You have the authority to refer their order to the company under your ID Number and receive a commission.

BTW, about 10 referrals is enough to pay back the cost of your machine.

 It’s a fact! About 10 referrals will recover the full cost of your Machine! Can you believe that? A Lifetime supply of Healthy Drinking water that only required making a decision to purchase and then share  your testimony, information and the Water with others! and potentially receive income for years to come.

Watch this video, it’s worth the effort.

Note: the video’s final statement of Global Bonus was modified in 2010 to allow Global Growth and several more levels of achievement Bonus’s

A Customer who stops doing referrals, may become inactive for years and still with their next referral, they are fully restored with commission level previously attained!

Perhaps, you now understand why I don’t push buying a machine. I don’t have to. All I have to do is help people gain a personal experience with the water for a short period of time, Educating them well during their experiencing the water and let the water do the rest.

People having discovered the waters benefits for themselves will have a testimony to share. This they do! Have you noticed that when you buy something, you don’t go around telling people?  But if you discover something important and real, that you believe in, don’t you share with others?

By not Pushing sales on people, But instead, sharing the possibility of what the water might do for them and letting them discover for themselves, many will see the value and ask about getting their own system.

There is a reason that I say “I don’t SELL!…I help people BUY!

The decision to purchase comes from Educating them with the information that they need, answering their concerns, and their personal discoveries with the water. When they recognize the importance of this water to their Health & Family, they realize it is something they will need daily, for the rest of their life, “they” make the decision to purchase.

If you have interest in knowing more, then I have several special websites for giving you the background about Water Problems and potential solutions.

There is a video series here HealthSuccessCenter.com/member/keithfli

Finally, you can access my websites from GodsWaterBoy.com

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You are invited to join the 41 very successful people that I have helped over the past 13 years to build their own, solid business’s that started from my kitchen, sharing knowledge and water!    REALLY!!!

OH! If you didn’t watch the videos, then none of the above is going to make sense to you. WATCH THE VIDEOS! Thank you.

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Change your Water…..Change your Life !

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