Why consider the Enagic Business Program?

I have been asked to attempt to explain the difference between typical MLM business plans and the Patented Enagic Compensation/business plan.  After numerous conversations, of which I was never sure that the person really understood, I have decided to post two short but clear videos.

First will be “Enagic, how it compares to other Plans

Having viewed the above video you probably want to know just how Enagic accomplishes this result.  So I add a video that explains the Compensation Plan. And it is simple to understand.

First, let me say “Enagic has NO Salesmen!” Their plan understands that ONLY a Customer can share the water for a person to discover it’s impact in their Health and Life.  So the plan rewards it’s customers!

In fact only about 10 referrals will recover the full cost of your Machine!  Can you believe that?  A Lifetime supply of Healthy Drinking water that only required making a decision to purchase and then share the Water with others! and receive potential income for years to come.

Watch this video, it’s worth the effort.

At the end of the video (10 years ago) and before Patenting the plan, the Global Bonus was changed to a more equitable Monthly and Quarterly plan that added several more layers that can be accomplished over time.  Actually, this only applies to those who are serious Entrepreneurs.  and the rewards for long term growth increase dramatically. Admittedly, this will only apply to committed and serious people who make the effort.

Perhaps, you now understand why I don’t push buying a machine.  I don’t have to. All I have to do is help people gain a personal experience with the water for a short period of time and let the water do the rest.

I don’t SELL! I help people BUY! When they recognize the importance of this water to their Health & Family that is necessary for the rest of their life, they make the decision to purchase.

If you have interest in knowing more, then I have several special websites for giving you the background about the Water Problems and potential solutions are.  there is a 9 video series here HealthSuccessCenter.net/keithf 

Also, you may want to see a complete demonstration of just how powerful this water is! Watch KangenDemo.com 

Finally, you can access most of my websites from GodsWaterBoy.com 

So if you have any questions or interest in the Business, I welcome you to the 36 other very successful people (6A and above) who have built long term solid business’s.

Keith Flint GodsWaterBoy