FITNESS: 30 Day Challenge! Do’s and Dont’s

 The following article does not make any claims as to a specific cure for disease, rather it identifies the components of the Human body that function to keep the body healthy and to self heal. Any Curing of disease must be a normal function of the body, operating within its intended design, that brings about restoration of Natural balance of its organs and functions.

Before starting the 30 Day Challenge, there are a few things you need to know.

  1. The Alkalized water that you are now going to drink during the Challenge is NOTHING MORE THAN WATER!  BUT, It is truly Water Energized and Restructured back to Natures design, Hydrogen and Oxygen re-balanced without the damage that commercial products have undergone.
  2. When taking oral Medication, use TAP or other water with any Medications that you are taking. This water, because it is ENERGIZED, releases the Medicine much more rapidly than the dead, acidic waters you are used to drinking . We recommend not drinking Alkalized water for 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after taking Medications.
  3. IF you have any distress (Healing Crisis) dilute your Alkalized water 50% with any other water and drink more.  This slows the detoxing properties and flushes the toxins out of the Kidneys. This is a Healing issue.
  4. A HEALING CRISIS is your body’s normal response to increased blood flow, Oxygen delivery and waste byproduct removal from your cells.  Examples are such as: Moving Headache as the capillaries of the Brain are stretching and opening. You may feel like you have a Bladder infection because the Blood is Transferring more toxins from your cells than the Kidneys can process.  Solution, Dilute the water 50% with other water and increase the amount you are drinking for a while, then return to full strength water.
  5. Lightheaded! Well of course, if you are increasing your Oxygen delivery to the brain you may feel lightheaded a bit.

Recommended Drinking times:

First thing in the morning drink several large glasses of the water. generally 30 minutes before breakfast.

Sip water throughout the day. You don’t breathe once an hour so learn to add water to your body routinely.

Dr. Shinya, the Doctor who developed the “Colonoscopy” process Treated over 400,000 people in his career without surgery. He used 3 qts of this Alkalized Water a day as a general treatment. He also had them remove Dairy products, Eat less red meat and more grains.   See his brief video of Colons, Before and 90 day After videos!


or read a more detailed discussion at

Dr Shinya recommended drinking a quart of “Kangen” water with each meal. By the way, “Kangen” is a Japanese word meaning ‘Return to Origin.’

He understood something that modern medicine has lost sight of.  The stomach and digestive tract is designed to be Alkaline not Acid! Digestion is an Enzyme process.

The Modern Medical world has declared that the stomach digests food with Acid! Why, because our present society suffers from many digestive disorders, largely due to the removal of Natural Enzyemes from our Food Resources by our food production companies.  They have irradiated and destroyed all enzymes from their products to extend shelf life. (they do this to extend shelf life and avoid food poisoning )

Do you really think that you have a Tums, Pepto Bismol or Purple Pill deficiency?

In normal digestion, the Human body produces acid at the end of the normal Enzyme digestion process. The production of acid is to break up the structures that enzymes didn’t dissolve.  Alkalinity should be restored immediately after food enters the Intestines. NOTE: Pre and Pro-biotics cannot live in an acid system.

It’s a waste of money to take Pro-Biotics and then drink a soda, power drink, or Bottled water.  Bottled water is as acidic as a Soda, but without sugar or carbonation! it’s 10,000 to 50,000 times lacking in Hydrogen completeness! It should be labeled “Pure Free Radical Water!” because that is what it is. IT CAN NOT HYDRATE!

To see the Scientific realities of the Bottled Water, Power Drinks, and Soda industries products and compare them to this water, see

Take back your LIFE and HEALTH!

Exercise with Alkalized Restructured Water.

Ask me how and where you can join a 30 day challenge.

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