Wow, time fly’s when you are having fun!

Good Grief! It’s June already! Where has the time gone?

Doesn’t that sound like  your life too?  Where has time flown to? Why haven’t I accomplished the things I planned to do?

For the Flint Family, Elizabeth and I have relocated to a little Ranch East of Pikes Peak, (Colorado Springs) this past month.

Moving was a 5 day venture, followed with discovering all the things on a ranch that “Don’t work!”  The 7KW generator ( had to rebuild the carburetor), The John Deere mower, (Mice had eaten the wiring), The Irrigation system for the trees, (who knows how the lines got so disturbed), the Cistern that wasn’t refilling for irrigation. (time to remove the plugged line to the fill switch. ) and did I mention that the Garage door opener didn’t work? a quick trip to Overhead Door and a purchase of a new circuit board and that problem was solved.

Then we added 6 Guinea Chicks to our poultry brood.  They will gang up on Rattle Snakes and kill them !  That’s worth feeding them. Now we have 2 cats, 3 dogs, 9 Chickens, 6 Guineas and not a pear tree in sight !

We also traveled 2000 miles over a 3 day Memorial day weekend to get a Colorado Mountain Dog (3/4 Pyrenees and Shepherd Mix puppy)

Mowed several acres around the home, and oh Yeah! just had to buy a “Pick up Truck”, (2000 Chev Silverado) 4×4.

Then we had to get internet restored as well as a land line! No reliable cell service.  Was able to set cell phones to Wireless Calling when in range of the WIFI.

So, I missed a few weeks on the KTFA Monday night Forum. I probably couldn’t remember what day it was.

BUT, the good news is that at 78 years of age, 14 hour days of heavy labor haven’t caused undo stress, soreness or fatigue. Why? Because I have kept myself hydrated with over a gallon of Kangen water per day.

I am amazed that I can speak about the value of drinking Kangen, Alkaline, Ionized, restructured water and yet it seems mostly to fall on deaf ears. Really, Gods Water? Restoring your blood to a level of hydration that gout, arthritis, Acid Reflux, migraine headaches, Fibromyalgia and many other “Conditions” resolve themselves within your own body !

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Blessings, Keith Flint “GodsWaterBoy”