Thanksgiving Blessings

This year has been full of special Blessings in our family’s life.

We have enjoyed moving from Aurora Colorado to the Prairie’s of Colorado on a Ranch outside of Colorado Springs.

Peace and Quiet, Beautiful Sunrise’s and Sunset’s over the open prairie are the beginning and ending of our days.

Chicken’s, Cats, Dogs, Coyotes, Quail, Bobcats, Rabbits, Rattlesnakes, Badgers and other wildlife provide an interesting backdrop to our daily life.  300 days of sunshine, peppered with Thunder Storms, Hail, Lightning, rain and strong winds make for variety.

One of the neat features of the Ranch is that it has Solar and Wind Power, with irrigation, Well, and house Water pump functions running off of Battery. soon we will have conversion to AC power also.

Life wouldn’t be complete without “internet” and TV for communications.

I Praise God for His guidance bringing us here, The Church family we have become a part of and the Blessings of Excellent Health and steady finances.

Priorities in our life is GOD first, Family second and the Health we enjoy because of ENAGIC’S Kangen Water.

I write this blog in order to help people discover the reality of what physical health can be like when they experience the life changing qualities of Alkalized water and it’s hydrating abil1ties.

Purchasing the water machine 9 years ago was for the benefits the water gave me in eliminating so many health challenges plaguing me. The surprise was when I discovered Checks in my mail after referring some people to the company for their purchase of a system.

Within a few months I had received enough checks that the $4000 machine had paid for itself.  Little did I expect it, but sharing the water with others lead to a retirement income better than having a 401K.

I have shared the water with hundreds of people over the years and heard of so many wonderful results of recovery from years of health challenges.

You can read about many of these realities by reading my posts from the past year here on the blog.

For this Thanksgiving, we have traveled 1300 miles to visit my 4 sisters and families, our own children in Portland Oregon, and many of the People who have purchased one of our Water Ionizers. A group of these partners honored me at a luncheon this week. The most common comment I heard was “You didn’t tell me that there was a business attached to owning my machine!  These comments came from those who, when discovering the business aspect of the water, had become quite financially stabilized from the income that has grown from their referrals.

If  you have business interest and would like information, please contact me by texting 720-281-3965 and asking for business info. Also you can go to “ENAGIC BUSINESS” by clicking the blue link. It will open in a new tab. you can return here by clicking on the GodsWaterBlog tab.


Keith Flint GodsWaterBoy