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Welcome to my Blog site.  This posting is for KTFA Group Members. You know who you are.

As we get nearer to our expected rewards I want you to be aware that there will be a run on purchasing the water units.  Unfortunately, Enagic has a very tightly controlled manufacturing process and is not able to increase production exponentially.  This means that if  you do not have a machine in your home at the expected time,  you may not be able to get one for many months.

This is not a normal circumstance, as  you know. There may be disruptions in supply and delivery methods, especially when coming from Japan.

My advice is to use the company’s zero interest finance plan and get your machine in your home.  Obviously, you can pay it off when in a position to do so.  Down Payments are around $850 +/- $30 (Taxes vary) and $225/month for 16 months. Unless you want the Delux model that was released last year, then its $1150 +/- $50 with $270 payments.  It is a super power upgrade and Microprocessor control with life expectancy of 20+ years hard use.  Warranty 5 years on each.

You know from my speaking on the KTFA Forum that I do not get into sales issues.  I am an educator and attempt to help you discover for yourself, however the time is short and this posting is appropriate for your planning.  Text me at 720-281-3965 for a call and I will answer your questions.

For an extensive video discovery of WHY KANGEN WATER, go to http://HSCWater.net/keithf and submit minimum info to get a permanent Pass Code to return as you wish.  There are 9 videos in the main training and many more that you can select.  This is about educating you as to why this water restores your Health when no other water does.  Check it out for yourselves.

See Dr Shinya (co-inventor of the Colonoscopy Procedure) and see the restoration of the Colon in 90 days on Kangen water. He has prescribed this and a diet change for 40 years. The results are nothing short of amazing.  See the effect of the water in Restoring your Red Blood Cells within 10 minutes, because the water is sized as GOD intended to reach the Red Blood Cells and activate them into servicing LIFE through the body.

Blessings on you.  Keith Flint    KTFA     GodsWaterBoy    720-281-3965