You’d be surprised who some of our customers are!

Celebrities That have Switched To Kangen Water

  • Numerous Wealthy Public figures, including Bill Gates & Donald Trump
  • Nutrition experts such as Jillian Michaels (Biggest Losers) and
  • Wade Lightheart (3 time Mr. Canada body building)
  • Suzanne Sommers, noted fitness expert
  • Joe Mancuso, Proprietor of Joe’s Gym providing Kangen water at the largest most successful Los Angeles fitness center.
  • Dr. Hiromi Shinya MD, Co-inventor of colonoscopy and ranked in the top 10 digestive surgeons in the world, drinking Kangen water for 40 years and treats his patients with Kangen water.
  • Dr. Horst Filzter MD, retired Department Head of Vascular Surgery at Cambridge Hospital (teaching hospital in the Harvard Medical system) is also a medical advisor for the ENAGIC Company.
  • Shan Stratton, Nutritionist to the New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, several Olympic teams and other professional teams. Sport celebrities Reggie Jackson, Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson and others.
  • TV American Idol judge Steven Tyler and TV show host Conan O’Brien
  • plus too many more to list.

Water Quality Association.
The only water ionizer with this Gold Seal of Assurance.

  • Certificate of Medical Device’ issued by Japan Ministry of Health in 2006.
  • Kangen water has been approved by the oldest Testing, Research and Certification company in the United States for water related products.
  • Only water ionizer built well enough to receive this certificate.
  • Endorsement by Geriatric Disease Prevention Association
    10,000 Japan MD’s that treat the Geriatric patients in Japan.

SPECIAL USE  In the Rescue of the Chilean Miners.

The World Watched Every Moment of the Rescue On TV.
Kangen water was selected over any other liquid to send to the Chilean Miners trapped 2 miles underground. The rescue took two months and the water is credited with keeping them hydrated, assisting them to survive the terrible stress and trauma.

When Kangen water was suggested, a team of scientists determined that the alkaline, antioxidant and hydration factor far surpassed any other liquid and would afford the best chance for survival.

Kangen Water has been used In more than 400 Hospitals in Japan, for Over 40 Years, with Different pH’s.  Kangen waters are used to assist the body to heal itself from skin issues, digestive issues, pain and many illnesses that affect the Human Body. Strong acidic waters are used extensively as Disinfectants, such as cleaning the Surgery Rooms. Strong Alkaline waters are used in food preparation, emulsifying and removing the Oil based Pesticides from produce and enhancing Cooking processes .

The Sheraton Hotel in Santa Monica California, Won the “Most Green Facility” in Santa Monica in 2008. The Hotel uses two Kangen pH waters that will clean as well as or better than ammonia and disinfects everything without chemicals. The hotel is a 4 star, 38 story structure and California has the strongest EPA rules in the United States

Restaurants in Long Beach Ca. now serve Kangen Water to clients as well as use it in their favorite recipes and use Kangen water to clean and disinfect without chemicals for food preparation.

Special facts:

  • The human body is 73% water and 85% of Americans are dehydrated.
  • 20% of all water is dedicated to the brain and even a 2% dehydration factor can cause mental lapses in brain functions. This affects learning and retention!
  • Human Body is born alkaline, so is mother’s milk.
  • Cow’s milk is alkaline until it is pasteurized.
  • Antioxidants slow the aging process of cells.
  • You should experience the difference the right water can make in your body

Upon learning this information, you might then ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Could all of these educated and intelligent people know something I don’t know?
  • Could ionized water that changes the pH and structure of water create powerful changes in cleaning, disinfecting and improving the environment in the body to allow healing to take place?
  • Have I ever heard anyone speak about their water doing such amazing things?
  • If not, Why not?
  • see videos of the inner effects on the Body this water causes: access code provided with minimal submission.

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